Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtual Coffee

Hi guys!

This week I've been working on increasing my water intake. I have never been a big water drinker (sad I know), but I've been improving. So that's my drink of choice today. Everyone's tasty coffee pics are making me jealous! lol

For some reason, drinking from this water bottle helps me to do better with my water intake.

The weather has been mostly sunny and the pollen count is still high here. I'm happy for all the flowers and all, but my nose and ears are not. ;) The good news is I'm planning to get some pretty flowers to put out on our patio. I'm not completely anti-spring. I just wish it didn't hate me so!


I found out I won Day 4 of The St. Patty's Day Giveaways with Katherine at http://anirishitalianblessing.blogspot.com/ I am so I excited I never win anything! lol  Go here to check out the super cute stuff I won and to also check out the awesome sponsors.

I also got a dress for the wedding. I hope it will fit. I got a bigger size, but it's a little snug on my stomach. Say a prayer that it fits the 24th!

I think it actually looks better on a person, as opposed to the hanger.  I think it has a very artistic vibe, reminds me of Monet. (My favorite painter)


I got a much needed haircut. It was just a trim and some layers, but with my thick hair it did wonders!

I did a close up pic, because I'm in my pjs...lol.
(Notice the Monet print in the background)

Today I also received my Get Lucky Swap gifts. (For those out of the loop, Cami and I hosted a St. Patty's Day Swap.) Stay tuned for a special post on that on Friday. :)

This week my sister, Brandi is visiting. It's been nice having her here, especially this week since John has had to work much of it.

Tomorrow I have a check-up. It should be my last weekly appointment, and I should be just going once a month until closer to the end. I'm happy about that and I know our wallet will be too. ;)

Well I guess that's all for this week!  Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. love the dress - and the hair :)
    lovely to catch up over coffee - or water!! your skin will thank you when you're looking down the barrel at 50 like moi! water's THE best drink for your body - i add a little slice of lemon to make it taste better :)

  2. Hey Anna! Beautiful dress! And way to go on the water. I can drink a gallon of water if there are lime/lemon slices in it. Otherwise I'm down for the count. But sadly coffee usually trumps every beverage in my book. Good luck!

  3. I am loving that dress..yay!! PRETTY :) Can't wait to see what it looks like on you!! I hope it will still fit - I'm sure it will!!
    I'm glad you got your get Lucky package - I cannot wait to see everyone's posts about it!! I'm excited :o)
    You know what water is pretty good? Propel flavored water to have a nice change..I don't think there's any artifical sweetners in it (but I might be wrong!)
    I forgot that you and I both have fun plans on the same day...hehee!! I love our lives ;) I'm so excited for this weekend, I bet you are too!!
    OH and I am SO PROUD OF YOU for all of the photos in this post!!! Heeheehee :) You did great!!


  4. good luck with all these things!! you have a lot happening...good for you!
    I starterd drinking plain hot water with a lemon when I was pregnant.... I still drink that...helps increase my fluid intake with no extra calories!!
    Your dress looks great! have fun!!


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