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This is a list of my favorite blogs and loyal readers. This list is special in that it features blogs that I have developed a friendship with the author and/or enjoy reading what they have to share. I am the type of person and blogger that if you show a genuine interest in my blog, chances are I'll do the same for you. So this list could get quite large very quickly! ;) Also feel free to check out these blogs and make a new friend. :)

(In no particular order)

* means that they don't update every week

Cami of First Day of my Life
Laura of LaLauLand
Stephanie of Golden Girls, Palm Trees, and Word Searches*
Victoria of Victoria Anne Photography
Anna of Grace and Peace*
Sarah of The Adventures of the Christensens
Hannah of Bundle of Joy*
Camille of A Sorta Fairytale
Laura of A Day in the life
Holly of Holly's Hobbies and Darbee Days
Laura of The Rada Way
Heather of Notes from the Nelsens
Daphne of Fashion Confessions of a Mommy
Carole of Carole's Chatter
Nikki (Sarah) of Gentle Recovery
Robyn of How Beautiful Upon the Mountains
AnnMarie of Momto8blog
Kristine of Living Barefoot and Crazy
Katherine of Irish Italian Blessings
Rachel of Life in Beranville
Amanda of With Love and Pickles
Crystal of Put Some Polish on it
Ashley of Oh Me!
Mary of A Day in the Life
Steven of Bacon, Beer, and Babies (and just so happens to be hubby of Camille of A Sorta Fairytale;)
Jamie of Baby Wendy's Journey
Melody Mae of Melody-Mae
Noel of Noel's Beautiful Life
Ms.Blase of The Unpopular Girl in Womanhood

Blogs and websites I visit (*cough* stalk *cough*)

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