Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday Photo Challenge (except for it's Wednesday) ;)

Hey everyone,

I'm back for the photo challenge with lovely, Ms. Lesley. :) You should check it out and join in on the fun!

This week:

11. Something Old

This honey pot belonged to my great-great grandmother. It's an heirloom I will always cherish and am proud to own. :)

12. Hand(s)

Sophie was a happy or not so happy model for this picture. I thought this turned out pretty well, especially since I'm not the greatest at using one

13. Written Words

My lesson for Medical Transcription. The current bane of my existence.

14. Movement

Sophie wagging her tail.

15. Technology

My laptop, ain't it purty? ;)

Until next time!

<3 Anna


  1. I need to challenge myself with photography. It's my worst skill. Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  2. Your laptop is so much prettier than my laptop. I try to dress mine up with stickers but it ends up looking stupid. I think I want to get a tablet and be done with the laptop, anyways.
    You're so blessed to own something from your great grandmother! I have something of my grandmother's that I will pass on to one of my kids someday so I hope they cherish it as much as you do your honeypot! :)

  3. Your laptop is sooo pretty :D What is that - a laptop cover case or what???

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life


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