Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just so you know...

Hey everyone,

I just need to say that:

I completely forgot to update you guys on a couple of things.

1) I changed my blog name. It still includes In her own words, but I wanted to include our name in the title. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

2) I forgot to share this picture of one of my best Goodwill finds, from Saturday!

Heading up to the checkout, there was long line and I noticed a rack with purses. I was looking through and found this super cute Kate Spade purse. It may not be in season, but I thought it was adorable and for $3.00, can't beat that! ;)

<3 Anna

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  1. KATE SPADE FOR $3!!!! OMG, I'm so jealous!!!! I was a bit confused on the name but glad to know I'm in the right spot :)


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