Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Roundup!

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday: John and I went out on a date/ shopping trip. We enjoyed a nice meal at O’Charley’s. We love their food especially their cinnamon doughnuts! We got a great deal accomplished, despite still not feeling 100%. We got some Christmas shopping done and some essentials for our new home. :)

Saturday: We slept in and had a leisurely morning. We then had another busy day of shopping. First stop, the local shoe store, for work shoes for John, then a few other stops for Christmas shopping. (Just in case family is reading this, I won’t list off everything.;) Our last stop of the day was Goodwill, we dropped off a box and I got some goodies. ;)

Some favorites from childhood for my collection

Plus I remember reading these books in school!

Plus these two cardigans!

For $14.99..sweet!

I cooked a quick dinner and we watched our recording of The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting and Home Alone, to kick off Christmas.

Sunday: This day was all about the cold that won’t go away! My head felt loopy and made me feel dizzy most of the day and poor John has had a couple of nosebleeds. :/ So we stayed in and did some light house work and finished watching Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (This isn't one of my favorites, but it’s a classic in my husband’s eyes. ), and The Santa Clause.

I have always thought this elf was so pretty!

So say a prayer for John and I, we are still feeling bad. John has training this week and he really needs to be focused and have peace.

<3 Anna


  1. It seems a lot of folks are dealing with illness right now. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I always wanted to be that elf when I grew up. I loved her!

  3. Hey, you changed your blog name! It threw me off for a minute. Cool finds. I used to collect vintage toys years ago and now use them as decorations on the top the shelves of my kids' rooms. My mom kept my childhood books so they get the read those. My son loves Dr. Seuss!


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