Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Time is here!

Hey everybody!

First I want to share with you about a new feature I'm adding to my blog. I'm going to blog (from time to time, no determined day) about my new town, Hickory. The series will be called I <3 Hickory and will share with you tourist attractions, shopping, restaurants, etc. I hope this will be a fun way for me to learn about my new home and for you guys to want to visit. ;) OR at least be an entertaining read. So be sure to keep a look out for that.

 Last night, I found this Christmas survey on A Crafty Southern Chick and I thought I would join in the fun. :)

1. egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate, my hubby loves egg nog so we get a small carton for him….it grosses me out!

2. does santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? When I was a kid, most years Santa would just place them under the tree, but one year I requested them wrapped---my poor parents…lol.

3. colored lights on tree/house or white? White, I grew up with colored lights, but hubby and I prefer White.

4. do you hang mistletoe? Nope.

5. when do you put your decorations up? Any time after Thanksgiving, I like to give each holiday it’s due. ;)

6. what is your favorite holiday dish? My great-grandmother’s Hershey bar cake…it’s to die for!

7. favorite holiday memory as a child? Each year we would go to my great-grandparents house. I also loved going to the Christmas tree farm, to get our tree and great-grandmother’s tree.

8. when and how did you learn the truth about santa? I was a little old, I’ll be honest…probably about 8/9…though my parents---believe I was 13!

9. do you open a gift on christmas eve? Yes, every year my mom would give us one present to open. My husband and I do the same. :)

10. how do you decorate your christmas tree? White lights, various ornaments, no real color scheme---just a very traditional/nostalgic sort of look.

11. snow! love it or dread it? Love it! I hope that we get more here in NC, than we did in GA…we should!

12. can you ice skate? I’ve never tried, but would love to!

13. do you remember your favorite gift? My husband and his mother made me a blanket…it was the first homemade gift I ever received and I bawled over it.

14. what's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Remembering Christ’s birth, (regardless of whether or not this was his actual birthday. His birth should always be important, but I think the least we can do is give Him a month!) Spending time with friends and family, and remembering the giving spirit of St. Nicholas.

15. what is your favorite holiday dessert? I love dessert, so I could never choose just one!

16. what is your favorite holiday tradition? Christmas morning---once with my mother and sisters, and now with my hubby. :)

17. what tops your tree? A white and gold star

18. which do you prefer: giving or receiving? BOTH! Loooove to open gifts--don't even care if it's big or small, I just love the fun of it all--but I really, really love giving to others!

19. candy canes: yuck or yum? They are okay. I usually eat one each year.

20. favorite christmas show? Elf---It’s too funny!

21. saddest christmas song? Blue Christmas

22. what is your favorite christmas song? Carol of the Bells

<3 Anna


  1. I love your #14 :) AMEN!!!

    Don't forget to take some photos of snow so I can live vicariously through yoU! ;)

    Christmas Shoes always has me crying every time!

    Santa ALWAYS wrapped ALL gifts at our house!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. Would love to learn more about your new town. The survey is very cute.
    I debate about the santa gift being wrapped or not. What we have been doing is un wrapping the stuff inside the box to make sure it is easy to take out, the batteries are in and everything is assembled then wrap it up. So when they open they can play right away.
    We do 2 xmas trees. One for us and one for the kids. Santa brings only one special gift and that gift comes under their tree which by the way has colored lights. All the other gifts from family and friends are in the main room with our tree. So it creates a nice separation. ANd also allows us to eat breakfast after they open that one special gift from Santa and before the big gift frenzy starts.

  3. I look forward to haering more about Hickory!

  4. Oh my, you're in Hickory, NC?! That's only like...two hours from me! Cool!


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