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Wanted Review

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I know it's been a few weeks since my last review, but I'm back! So sit back with a cool refreshing drink of choice and enjoy this review. As -A would say "It's not over until I say it's over."

As always this post contains SPOILERS! Be sure to check out my previous PLL reviews and if you haven't read the book or this isn't your cup of tea, be sure to check out previous posts! :)

In Wanted, the girls discover that Ali has a twin! This twin, Courtney, was put away because she had some "health issues." The girls are unsure of what to think of Ali's twin and the flood of memories of Ali that return. Aria is especially wary of her. Courtney is able to connect with the other girls and eventually Aria gives in. While everything is cool and shiny, Courtney decides to drop a bomb on the girls...(not literally) lol. Courtney reveals that she is Ali and that Courtney was the one that died all those years ago. The girls are not entirely convinced of this at first, but "Ali" is able to provide proof of all this. The girls are so excited to have their bestie back that they quickly agree to join her in the Poconos for a fun girls weekend, after the big dance. Spencer gets a phone call informing her that her sister is missing, this scares her because she has a strong suspicion that Melissa killed "Ali."

This suspicion disappears when it is revealed that Ali was the killer! The girls never truly knew Ali, Courtney was the twin they had known and loved. Ali had killed Courtney because she felt that she had ruined her life. We also learn that she had tried to kill the girls in the forest fire and after revealing this set the house they were staying in on fire. The girls are able to escape, after discovering Ian's body and Melissa tied up in the same closet. The police show up and believe that Ali is dead, but her body is nowhere to be found. The police also now know that Alison also killed Jenna.

The book ends with:

Hanna's mother returning and Hanna and Mike getting back together.

Meredith gives birth to a baby girl.

Aria and Noel Kahn get back together.

Ella breaks up with Xavier after finding out his true colors.

Melissa and Spencer grow closer after their near death experience.

Spencer is given hope for her family, regardless of whether her parents divorce.

Emily buries everything that reminds her of Ali at Courtney's grave...but hears something in the distance...leaving the book open for future books...bringing us to the release of Twisted!

I really enjoyed this book. The addition of a twin was surprising and intriguing. It also made you wonder about Ali and Courtney's parents. If one of the twin's has mental issues, shouldn't you visit them? Rather than them come home and switch with the other...and shouldn't you of all people be able to tell them apart?! In my opinion, both of the girls are disturbed and needed help. Although if that had happened, we wouldn't have this gem of a story. ;) It was a page turner through and through. The ending was very satisfying and left you wanting more!

I bought Twisted last weekend and will begin reading it soon. Since my to-read list is insane...I won't say when that review will be posted, but keep your eyes peeled. ;)

<3 Anna

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  1. Shouldn't Courtney (or should I say Ali) be in jail?... Or at least on "America's Most Wanted?" Why is she walking around free when she's got a maximum security prison cell with her name on it?


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