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Wicked Review

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I know it's been awhile, but I'm going to finish my reviews of The Pretty Little Liars series. Starting today and every Wednesday, until I finish. (I will use Wednesdays to do book, magazine, movie,etc. reviews.)

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Wicked brings the return of -A. Just when the girls think everything is about to become normal or as normal as it gets in Rosewood, -A makes a come back! (So someone else knows all the girls secrets!) In this book, each of the girls has there own issues to deal with. One thing that bugs me, is you would think that these girls would learn to confide in one another or seek comfort in each other having the same psycho-stalker....but not so much.

Emily meets a guy named Isaac at church. They start talking and Emily begins to question everything she believes in once again. Hanna is still reeling from the realization that her best friend was -A. She also has to deal with her step-sister stealing her spotlight. This comes to a head at a party, where Hanna tells everyone that Kate has herpes. Hanna's boyfriend overhears and breaks up with her. Hanna is left babysitting Kate. Aria and older guys, it never ends! Aria meets this great guy at an art show. Ella starts talking to this great artsy guy online. If it was any other person, these would be two different people. This is it's the same guy. This guy, Xaviar, turns out to be a real jerk. This leaves Aria with only one option, move in with her father and his new preggo wife. Spencer starts thinking she is adopted, and begins investigating her past.

This book was pretty good. The Emily storyline and Aria storyline were a bit annoying. I was more interested in what was happening with Hanna and Spencer in this one. This book has a pretty suspenseful ending, the girls learn that Ian is not the killer. They find Ian's dead body behind Spencer's house. The weird thing is the girls contact the police and have them go to the woods where the body is located, only it's not there. What happen to Ian's body? Did the girls imagine seeing it? Find out in the next book, Killer!

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  1. those books get people hooked and I understand why. They are sort of like a murder soap opera backwards and it works.


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