Monday, November 29, 2010


This post will in no way be formal. I've been battling a lot of emotions lately. I've thankfully calmed down since this all begun, which is a good thing. No need for embarrassing blog posts.

Anyway, it is looking very likely that my parents are getting a divorce. This is no shock, since they have been unhappy for years. The shock is, my dad looks like he will be the one doing the leaving. I always thought it would be my mom.

Over the long weekend, I talked with someone about my situation and they explained to me that I have to get to a point where I can let all my anger go. I need to be able to be neutral. I won't lie. I haven't been neutral. I completely took my mom's side without question. My dad's reasons for a divorce are stupid. So why not take my mother's side?

I don't know many people who react logically in situations, such as these. Anger can really take over. The good thing is that I've realized that I can't let my anger take over me. I'm choosing to forgive my dad not only for him, but for me. I'm praying for him and I realize that Satan has a strong foothold on my dad right now. He is using my dad to rip my family apart. So for now all I can do is pray. I know that God will be with all of us and that whatever happens. My Father can do anything.

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