Friday, March 12, 2010

Sudafed induced thoughts

This is how my blog started on a rainy day...well it's another rainy day and I'm home sick on top of being sick I'm suffering from a huge case of cabin fever aka GET ME OUT OF HERE! I've learned a few things during this time:

1) As much as I love people, I don't understand them.
2) Sudafed makes you say "like" a lot.
3) Whitney Gail Wilson and Anna Elizabeth Whitfield Johnson are amazing...well even more amazing than I thought.
4) I suck at being confined in a box or house.
5) I need closure.
6) I hate it when people don't return phone calls, it's just RUDE!
7) I hate it when people say they care, but don't show it with actions.
8) I'm ready to get the heck out of Georgia more and more each day.
9) I'm trying to appreciate where I am, but it's getting harder to do.
10) I have no idea what I'm suppose to do with my life, I'm glad God knows.


  1. i just want to give a "whoop whoop" for numbers 1, 6, and 9. that is all.


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