Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seasons of Life

Spring is finally here! I love it for the most part- the beautiful sunny days, the warm weather, cute baby animals, etc. The one bad thing about spring is all the new plants that grow, don't get me wrong they are beautiful---BUT my nose and head hate them...yep, spring also brings about allergy season:/

So I was thinking this morning about how seasons are a lot like life. We have the beautiful spring and summer moments and also the dreary fall and winter moments. The neat thing about this just as there are good things in spring, summer, winter, and fall. There are also good things in life.

Wouldn't it be great if we could look at life like the seasons?! For example, Winter is bitter cold and everything is bare, but look at the beautiful snow and many an animal is happy for that hibernation time.

Each season has some good, just as each day brings forth opportunity and growth, as well as those good happy moments we seek out. So if we could focus more on those happy summery moments and less on the dreary wintery moments---I'm pretty sure, life would be a lot more enjoyable. Just a thought:)

What's your favorite season? Give a positive and negative thought about that season, if you would like:)


  1. first i want to say that your posts are interactive, which is a good thing. second my favorite season is..... well my favorite season is always the next season in line. if it is winter now, then i want it to be spring. does that make sense? i wonder what that says about me? or about my outlook on life? hmm.....

  2. :) It could be that you enjoy change or that you are excited for what's to come...?

  3. I love the winter. It is my absolute favorite time of year. Part of it is just that I like the cold. It's a good time to 'warm up' to someone else, in a way. People tend to look at winter as so desolate...and sometimes it is. The way I see it, though... it's not so much desolation as it is soft and quiet. A time of relaxation.

    My secondary favorite is that part of spring right before summer...when it's not hot, but warm, and there are really cool breezes blowing. I love the wind and how one minute it can be so forgivingly pleasant, while in the next, you wonder what you ever did to it.


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