Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just an Update

I've been itching to update, I've just got so many ideas swarming around in my head and now some coffee that is making me insanely jittery. So this is either going to develop a crazy random post or two separate---possibly random posts. We will see.

Anyway, first off I would like to say that I hate the time change right now. I'm not adjusting well to it---John and I have been going to bed later because of it and feeling like zombie's upon waking up. The only thing I like about it, is the fact that we have more daylight---this is good for Sophie, because we don't feel as rushed in taking her for walks. We have a little more freedom in fitting her walk into our schedule. Beyond that this past weekend was good, John and I were able to sit down and plan out a budget something that desperately needed to be done. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out with the next pay day:)It will be nice to feel like we can better see where our money is going.

Shifting into a different direction, John and I have been discussing the future a lot here lately. John's been working on his resume and we are hoping to get it out soon. We were originally solely looking at NC for our potential future home, but now we are pretty much open to any where. We do know that we will be here at least until July 25th. We had to renew our lease and since we haven't been as prepared as I hoped we knew that, that would be our best decision---since we don't have any job leads. Another interesting tid-bit along these lines, while on our walk yesterday...I told John about hearing about a couple going into missions for two years. I told him sometimes I wonder if I'm not meant to do something like that, because I seem to be so restless, here lately---and I don't seem to like staying in one place for too often. I know that's not the reason you go into missions...just thinking. I do know one thing---whatever God has for us...I want to be ready for it. I also want to keep my mind open to all possibilities.

So does anyone have any thoughts on moving, job hunting, or anything along those lines? Or any thoughts on missions work?


  1. I would recommend moving first while continuing to pray about the missions work thing. Missions is not something to be taken lightly, and I would make sure first off to be very certain that it's not just the git-outta-Georgia-jitters.

    As for job-hunting, it sounds like the two of you have a general idea. If you find that you're having difficulty finding a job, I would pick a city and a state, find a reasonably priced apartment and save up rent or take out a small(ish) loan for it in order to move to the area temporarily in order to find work on a more in-person basis. Risky, yes. But totally up to you guys.

    Moving is...interesting. I moved here with a travel-bag of summer clothing and toiletries, two lightweight jackets and all my electronics were stuffed unceremoniously in my laptop carrier with the laptop and a book. That was it. Just that and my important papers. Get rid of anything un-necessary. I would pack up any decorations or collectibles and either store them or leave them with a reliable friend along with money for postage. Again, up to you.

    Ask me again if and whenever it becomes more definite.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, they are helpful and I will keep everyone up to date on this.

    In regards to missions work, I do take that decision very seriously and I would not go into it without a lot of prayer and great thought. I'm also thinking that it would be a short term thing if it happened...I do not feel called to be a missionary for life. It would be something like 2 years or less. At least that's what I'm thinking now...need to pray as I've said.

  3. I don't know if this is true, but I heard that new jobs are going to be extremely hard to come by for the next couple of years or so. I am not trying to kill your stride. I just want you two to be prepared. I believe in the Leviners.

  4. Yeah, I know times are hard and it will probably be awhile before they get better. I just keep reminding myself that God will put us where He wants us. Just gotta trust in Him.


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