Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dream On

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had a head full of brown curls, big hazel eyes, and even bigger dreams. She looked at the world with rose colored glasses and she knew without a doubt...that she was a princess. She would wear dresses everyday when allowed and hated to get her dress dirty even though the mud could be appealing. Some days she even thought that she was adopted and her father, the king of some distant place would come and take her to her palace. Some may think this is silly, but she always thought BIG. She knew that one day she would be Miss America, she would travel to Egypt and help with an archaeological dig, she would marry a prince and live happily ever after.

If you haven't caught on yet...the little girl was me. The scary part of this is some of these things I still believe will happen and even more with my looooong bucket list. The funny thing is some people have already shut me off at this point. "Nope, will never happen. You're married you are suppose to be settling in and making babies."

Well there's a couple of problems with this. I didn't get married to settle in. I got married because I love my husband very much. I couldn't imagine going on my dream adventures without him. John and I have both agreed that we want children some day. I'm 23, I've even said I would like to have children at 25. Here's some selfishness on my part: I won't do it though. If I haven't accomplished at least one of my dreams by then, I'll put it off til on down the road...even if the road is not guaranteed. I guess one main reason is that many of my dreams involve travel and I couldn't imagine traveling with a child to an unknown place. I guess the unselfish part of this is that I would want security and stability for my children.

There's just so many things that I haven't experienced. So many things that I dream of...my heart and mind often wander to these faraway places. This is how I know that I'll never be able to shut this part of me off. It's far too big and too much a part of me. *How appropriate?! Journey's Don't Stop Believin' is playing on my Pandora Radio* So what to do?

There's another side to this coin. As well as being a BIG dreamer. I'm also a BIG people pleaser. I'm always trying to make others happy and make people like me. So considering the fact that my dreams are kinda out of the norm, it looks like there will be a steel cage match between the people pleaser and the dreamer. You all have about as much an idea of who will win as I do. Both of these are so strong in me that I have no idea:/ I'm sure the fight will make for an entertaining evening.

So have any of you struggled with this? Do you think big dreams are achievable? Have you ever given up something big to please another? How did it make you feel?


  1. Yes, I have struggled with that! For example, Daniel loves road trips but hates airplane rides. I want to travel to different countries, which require an airplane or very large boat, and he wants to travel around this country, which I'm ok with but I don't think he wants go anywhere off this country. The problem here is that I want to go traveling WITH him...but if doesnt even want to go out of the country well- then this will be hard. I DO think big dreams are achievable! If I didn't then I would NOT be trying to end up with a Doctorate in psychology!! :) And yes to the last question as well. And it didnt fell very good at all!

  2. I definitely understand where you're coming from here. This reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke. He went to Hollywood as a comedian and instead they asked if he could write scripts. He said that was like being a chef and having someone say, "Ok, you're a chef. Can you FARM?"

    People expect so much from us...when what we already are is good enough, if not much better.

  3. Thanks for your input ladies:) It's very much appreciated.


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