Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daring Girls Series: How to whistle with two fingers

Hey all!

It's that time again! Daring Girls! So what are we going to learn about today? Whistling! I know, It sounds a little weird, but haven't you ever watched a movie or went to a big city like New York and wanted to do that awesome whistle you see in the movies? Well if you haven't, I have. So you are stuck with this post. Lol. Or you could just scroll on down to another one. ;)

From rollingstone.com

This picture in particular clearly shows the method I'll be discussing. (From prepn.com)

Here's the excerpt from Daring Girls:

First: Make a triangle with your pinkies by putting your pinkie fingertips together, palms and fingers facing towards you. 

Next: Stick out your tongue and put your pinkie-tips right on the center of it, pushing your tongue strongly, against your fingers where they meet. Push your tongue back into your mouth with your fingers, so that your pinkie fingers are inside your mouth up to the first knuckle.

Next: Angle your pinkie-tips slightly down, just behind your bottom teeth, and keep your tongue pressing into your fingers. 

Lastly: Purse your lips and blow. (Note: You may have to adjust the angle of your fingers to get that sound right, but just practice and before you know it you'll be hailing cabs with your piercing two-finger whistle!)

I'm not sure this will summon animals, but I always have to include a Disney pic whenever possible. ;) (From http://allthoughtout.wordpress.com/)

Awesome sauce! Right?! 

My attempts were pretty pitiful. I guess I need the practice they were talking about. I just ended up with a couple of soggy pinkies. ;)

Thanks again to the authors of Daring Girls. You continue to encourage us to try new things! Until next week! Stay tuned! 

And have a daring day!

<3 anna

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