Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blog Challenge (Day 4 What are you afraid of?)

Hey everyone,

I could probably use this post to talk about some of my small fear like spiders, clowns, etc. but I think to encompass them all would be my fear of failure.


 I think part of this stems from being the oldest daughter (always feeling that extra pressure to please my parents) and being raised in a world that has a very different idea of what constitutes as success. I also think that it stems from me having some perfectionist qualities, which (Thank you, God) I have let go (some) since having my son.

My fear of failure has prevented me from doing some things in life that I would like to do. I'm thankful that I'm more firmly grasping this now. It helps. It helps me to know that if I never try. I'll never know. I'll always have that plaguing feeling in the back of my mind. I don't want that. I already think too much as it is. I don't need that added to my brain.

I'll leave you with this thought below and ask you what do you fear? Whatever it is (BIG or small) don't let it get in the way of reaching your dreams and becoming the person you are meant to be! :)


<3 anna

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  1. Definitely something I will have to think about! You're so right, we can't let our fears run our lives. If we do that, we are just becoming our own worst enemy.


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