Wednesday, August 7, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge! (Day 1 Intro and recent photo)

Hey guys,

So this week is very busy with preparations for our big week long (I can't believe it!) trip to Ga! I'm so excited at the thought of visiting family and friends. We have so many fun things planned and I will be ready to blog on it all when I return. ;)

In the meantime, I have decided to start this blog challenge found here. I realized after the fact that it was for the month of May, but you know what I want to do it anyway! ;) So here I am. I'll be sharing with my readers a little bit about me every day until I complete the challenge. I will also continue with my Daring Girls series and regular updates when I return as I said above.

So on with Day 1!

For those new here, my name is Anna. I'm 27 years young. I'm married to my best friend, John. Our anniversary is coming up on August 15, we will be married 5 wonderful years. Shortly after we married we adopted our super sweet fur baby, Sophie. Sophie is a black lab mixed with chow. She is our rambunctious oldest. She has become an amazing older sister and protector to our most recent addition, John Declan. Declan was born September 22, 2012. That day changed our lives forever and I can't believe his first birthday is quickly approaching! Everyday he is changing, growing, and learning so much! We are so proud and if you stick around you can see updates on his monthly progress. ;)

I'm a proud SAHM. Despite some ideas in society, I love my job and feel quite blessed to have the ability to stay at home and to have the gift of educating my son. I feel that God has placed that gift in my heart as well as sharing my story here and hopefully, my words can be an inspiration to others. If you would like to learn more about me and my family, please stay tuned. Check out the tab (at the top of the blog) that says "Our Story", and if you haven't yet, Follow my blog with Bloglovin

This is one of my favorite recent pictures of myself and my son. I love it because even though I'm wearing junky clothes for working out and my hair is a mess, I know that I'm working hard toward a more healthy lifestyle.

<3 anna

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