Friday, May 17, 2013

Want to be a contributing blogger for my new series? (Coming soon!)

Hey everyone,

 HAPPY Friday!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm super excited over here about a new series I will be starting soon. This series will be based on my reading from The Daring Book for Girls by Miriam Peskowitz. I bought this book awhile back and would love to learn about all of the topics covered.

I'll be writing more of an introduction to this series next week. So stay tuned. This is just really a call to fellow bloggers. ;)

 This is where you all come in. I'm sure that you ladies know more than me about certain subjects. I may only cover the basics, so I'm giving my reader's an opportunity to share their expertise. This is a rather thick book, so I'll start with page one of the table of contents, sharing the basic topics that will be covered and I'll share page two topics next week.

Basketball (Any basketball related posts are welcome)
Spanish (the language, history, and daring women in Spanish history) *I may have someone covering this one. I'll need to talk to them.
Princesses today ( Any posts on Princesses today. This could be something on Princess Diana or more recently Kate Middleton. Just examples)
How to tie a sari I'll instruct on this in general, but if anyone has any details or points of interest to add. This one would be great for someone knowledgeable in fashion. (Calling all fashion bloggers!;)
Jump rope (Anything on jumping rope)
Queens of the ancient world (This is another good one for a history buff.)
Softball (Any softball/baseball related posts)
Playing cards (Specifically covering Hearts and Gin...but would love to hear from a good card player.)

Africa ( Anything on Africa, history, culture, etc.)
Karate (Anyone know karate?! ;)
  French (the language) May also have this one covered.
Bowling (Anything on bowling)
Pirates (Anything on Pirates---including history, pirate speak, etc.)
Women inventors and scientists (anything related to this topic.)
Explorers (famous explorers, not-so-well-known explorers, etc.)
Camping (Anything camping related)
Writing history, cursive writing, etc. (I also have someone in mind for this post.)

 So if you would be interested in sharing on any of these topics or sharing a how-to-post that would be "daring" and "challenging" to my readers, please email me at I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any questions as well.  This can be a previously shared post or something you write from scratch. I reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, etc . Also keep in mind that this is a family blog, so I need everyone to keep it clean. Deadline to contact me will be May 27th for this list.

Thanks so much!


  1. I'll take Queens of the ancient world and pirates for 500 please.

  2. If volleyball was one, I'd be in! :) what a cool idea!

  3. We have the daring boy book ... I didn't know they had one for girls.

    ... you are such an encouragement. I absolutely love your heart for your family and your gift of writing. I am going after the joy of mom in my life. And I could use your gift. To share your wisdom, encouragement, and joy of mom.

    So, I am trying something new. Posting on my lil' blog about mom. Momma notes. Would you consider joining me and sharing a post from your blog. It doesn't have to be a new post. There are so many on your blog I could choose. Simple mom words.

    Monday I will have a linky thingie. My hope is that we can be encouraged and encourage other moms.

    If I did it right, you can find it here ...

    Be blessed bunches,


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