Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Normal

Hey all,

First I want to thank everyone who expressed interest in my new series, as well as those who are planning to contribute their work. I'm so excited about this series and can't wait to get the ball rolling with it.

Blogging has been tougher lately, but in a good way. I have lots of ideas flowing and a list on my phone, that is getting crazy long! I just don't seem to have the time to post everything I want to, it's tough. I've been trying to set "office hours" for blogging, but that hasn't really worked too well yet. I still have hope. ;)  I've also been working on some design stuff, such as my new buttons. I'm not savvy in this area, so it's taking me a little bit of time to learn. Also my computer has been slow, which worries me. I hope it's not on it's last leg. :/ Definitely, need to get something to back up our stuff, just in case!

So what's new in the Leviner household?

For me:

I've started doing the Pink Method Workouts everyday. Today will be day 8! I'm so thrilled with the way my body is feeling. I'm feeling lighter and more energized everyday. It's wonderful!

For the Big Mister: 

He is running again. I'm so proud of him. He injured his foot the other day, but hopefully, he will be back up and running tomorrow or Thursday. :)

For the Little Mister:

This boy is on the go! He is pulling up and trying to walk independently! It's crazy, he is so full of energy!

For me:

I've started a clean eating lifestyle. I'm so thrilled to be doing this with Cami from First Day of my Life. She is my accountability partner and I couldn't ask for a better one! If you click on the link, she does a great job of explaining what clean eating is.

For the Big Mister:

He is incorporating these ideas, but isn't completely sold on it. lol I'm proud of him, despite not wanting to eat totally clean, he is very supportive of my goals and is doing a great job of eating less processed stuff and more fruits and veggies.

For the Little Mister:

He has been exposed to pretty much every baby food from the Gerber Natural Selects. I've also made him some things from scratch. I hope to do this more now that we will be getting more produce. (More on that in a upcoming post!) It's tough because his first tooth has yet to show, but he seems to really want to eat whatever we have. The little stinker doesn't like me checking his mouth, so I'll probably be surprised when I see that first tooth! I've been giving him very diluted apple juice, on occasion   (this helps with upset tummies) and water, but only when I can monitor him and I am still cautious with how much. He is not a year old yet, so I still want to be careful with that. (I'm sure this is probably new mommy stuff and maybe sounds a little silly to some people.) I'm also trying to be careful with the little snacks I choose, most of those puffed things are processed and so it's tough. I found one that was called vegetable dip that seemed to be a lesser evil. I also found some other options, while on my last shopping trip that I'll want to check out next time.

I also wanted to share this article with my readers. It may surprise you!

How do you incorporate fruits and veggies in your diet? What do you do for exercise?

<3 anna


  1. Anna, good luck with it all. Eating less unprocessed food can only be a good thing. Cheers

  2. I wasn't sure exactly what clean eating was until I read your pin. Apparently I already try to do the majority of those things, awesome!

    That's so exciting that Declan is pulling up and trying to walk!! He is growing up so fast, I feel like time is passing by a mile a minute.


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