Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer 2013 Reading List

Hey all,

 I love reading any time of the year, but there is something about summer. (Maybe it's the summer reading programs at the library that got that bug started.) First off, I love to read. I have always loved reading. I think I loved it before I could read on my own and then when I got my wings and could do that, I couldn't stop! I fell in love with being able to leave my world and take on dragons, solve a mystery, fall in love, etc. through various characters. It became a habit, but one that served me well. I think if you can get your child hooked on reading at an early age, it's a very good thing. I'm trying to do that with Declan. He is still very young and usually just crawls around while I read, but I still enjoy the time. This year I'm creating a summer reading list to get me motivated and remind me to use Declan's bed time to read instead of watching Netflix. ;)

 This year I plan to read:

June: My Life in France- Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme (I think Julia Child is simply amazing and so inspiring! I watched Julie and Julia and it just made me want to learn more about her.)

July:  Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte (Simply because I have yet to read it. Sad, I know.)

August- Confessions of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella (A good-light read. August will be a very busy month for us. So I figured a fun-light read would be best. :)

I have only chosen a book per month because it is tough to even do that at times. If I am lucky enough to get through these, I have a list below of extras!!!

Extras list:

* The Last Summer (of you and me)- Ann Brashares
*American Wife- Curtis Sittenfeld
* The HourGlass Door- Lisa Mangum
*The Harbinger- Jonathan Cahn
*The Dragon Book- It's an anthology with many authors
*Blue Like Jazz- Donald Miller
*Choose something from my Jane Austen collection.
* Finally read through the Harry Potter series.

So what will you be reading this summer? I would love to see your list. I'm always adding new books to my ever-growing to-read list. :)

<3 anna

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  1. Sounds like a great list!! Do you have a GoodReads account? I find that helpful because people make so many good suggestions on there, and you can read your friends' reviews of books they've read :)


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