Monday, April 8, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Hey guys,

 This past weekend was so much fun!

 Friday: The Harrison's arrived and our neighbors came by for dinner. I decided to go with party type foods, including a fruit and veggie tray. I was good and made sure there were healthy options available. It was a night of fun conversation and playing Apples to Apples and Battle of the Sexes. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

 Saturday: John cooked an amazing breakfast, as always. We had a leisurely morning or as leisurely as it could be with two We then took a trip to Target, dinner at Backyard Burgers, the boys played video games then took Sophie to the dog park while Steph and I went for a much needed walk. It felt so good to be out in that amazing weather and I'm so thankful for the weather feeling more spring-like! :) 

Sunday: We took advantage of the weather once again with a trip to the park. Sophie even got to enjoy a dip in the river. The weekend ended far too soon and we can't wait to see our dear friends again soon!

 Here are a few pics of the best friends: ;)

Lucas and Declan: Best friends! (They just don't know it yet.;)

How was your weekend, dear readers? Were you able to take advantage of the beautiful weather? Sound off below.

<3 anna

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