Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Spring!

Hey guys,

 I'm super excited to finally see signs of spring! This winter was uber gloomy and blue, so I'm so happy to see the sun shining brighter and the weather feeling so perfect! Spring and I have a Love/Hate relationship.

 So first the hate:

Pollen---It kills my allergies every year. :(

Spring Cleaning--- Before I had a baby, I loved Spring Cleaning---but now it feels like something I'll be lucky if I accomplish any of it! :/

And now the love:

Warmer weather--- As I said before, Winter was a bust this year and the beautiful weather and perfect NC breezes make for enjoyable weather.

Fun bright colors--- I love these bright happy colors---great to incorporate in your wardrobe and makeup.

Activities with Declan--- I enjoy so much all of the firsts with my son. So spring is no exception! I look forward to introducing Declan to all the fun things that come with being able to enjoy the outdoors more. Over the weekend, we got bubbles and Declan enjoyed crawling after them. :)

Gardening--- I'm developing my green thumb, but I love planting and learning more about gardening. I do have a question for all of my blog friends who garden, can any of you recommend plants that do not need much sun light? I live in an area that doesn't get many hours of sunlight and I don't want to kill my plants, that happened last year. :( I've done a little research, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. :)

 So those are my love/hates for spring...what are yours? How do you feel about spring? Sound off below.

<3 anna


  1. We are happy it is spring too! The pollen here has been terrible but thankfully, we haven't been affected too bad. Darbee loves being able to be outside and play.

  2. Such a cute post. I am so ready for spring and summer and for warmer weather.

  3. great list Anna and the best...all the first with your little guy. I love love love this time of year and even though it's been raining here....it's warm. Love hiking the trails...seeing the buds on trees...animals coming out of hiding and just people out smiling more. Happy Wed.

  4. It's finally starting to feel like Spring here too! And our pollen has been CRAZY the last couple of days! I'm looking forward to getting out in the yard and enjoying the beautiful weather (once the pollen calms down just a bit!l ;)).



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