Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prairie Days and Reading with D

Hey everyone,

Declan and I have been reading The Little House on the Prairie series. I know that many of you might think that this series is just for girls, but I think it's a great read for boys too. I also believe that sharing books that feature predominantly male or female characters is a good idea for both genders. I think there are a lot of benefits including helping boys and girls understand the other sex better. (Though this isn't entirely the reason I chose to read this particular series with him.)

I have fond memories of watching this series growing up and I vaguely remember reading the books in school. I'm really enjoying reading them now with Declan. Since he is only 6 months old, I usually read to a not entirely focused audience, but that is okay. I usually take some quiet time during the day and sit and read to him while he rolls around on his mat. Sometimes it's hard reading this series with him because it makes me long for simpler times. It amazes me the work and effort put into doing things such as: plowing a field, making butter, etc. Where did that all go? Where did the pride in a hard days work go? It just makes me sad.

This also reminds me of a chapter I read on their best Christmas. The girls received a tin cup, a candy cane, a small cake (probably something resembling today's Little Debbie cakes), and a shiny penny. This was their best Christmas, and many children today would have felt completely gyped. It seems that the little things meant more in those days and now those ideals are very quickly slipping away. I pray that I can instill the ideas of a good work ethic, gratefulness for what is given, etc. in my son. I don't want him to become what the new American dream seems to be. (Instant Gratification, Me-Me-Me) I know these things are not what makes a good life.

We are also reading My First Bible. We are currently on the story of Joseph helping pharaoh. I so love reading these bible stories with my son. It feels good reading the words and showing the pictures, even if he doesn't comprehend it. It helps me to share with him and remind me of the stories in a basic way.

What are you currently reading? What are you reading with your little ones? Sound off below.

<3 anna


  1. As part of my son's kindergarten homeschool curriculum we read "Little House In the Big Woods" this year (along with many other books). It was one of his favorites! Definately a book for both genders! Another favorite, "The Boxcar Children".

    This summer, for extra reading, we will read "Farmer Boy" (the book Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about here husband's childhood).

    Good job reading to your little man at such a young age. Keep it up! I started young with my boys and they both (6 and 3) loooooove books!

  2. I love to read and so does Darbee. Especially now that she is reading pretty good. I have always enjoyed reading to her. I am starting a new book today called "A Morning Like This" by Deborah Bedford. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Love how you said you are reading to a not entirely focused audience. Too funny! I bet he's the best audience you've ever read to though. ;) I'm reading a biography written by Jacqueline Kennedy's bodyguard. It's a pretty interesting look into her life!

    So glad you are doing well, Anna! I'll be back to visit again soon! :)



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