Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings

Hey guys,

 So this weekend has been pretty tough. I'm pretty sure Declan has started teething and he also had a massive gas bubble plaguing him. :/ So that made for some sleepless nights for mommy and baby.

 So today's musing is on comfort. When I'm having a rough day there are some go-to things that I do to try to improve the situation or my mood. For example, I will watch a favorite movie. This is a great one because it doesn't interfere with me taking care of Declan and I can usually picture the movie in my head when I'm in the other room. ;)

This weekend's movie of choice was Julie and Julia. This movie does me wonders. Julia Child's story is so inspiring, she went from not being able to cook an egg to Mastering the Art of French Cooking. What an inspiration! Then there's Julie, a woman who went from working temp jobs that she hated to writing. (Which is my dream btw!) Not to mention that part of the story is in France, what girl doesn't dream of going there?! And then there's Amy Adams who I absolutely adore and this movie made me love Meryl Streep, who I didn't hate but was neutral about until this movie. I want to see even more of her stuff now. This movie pushes me to write, it pushes me to want to travel, it opens my mind to possibilities, it gives me hope, it does so much for one movie.

That may sound a bit crazy or out of the box, but it really evokes that kind of emotion from me.

 Am I alone?

 Does anyone else have this feeling about a movie?

 Tell me I'm not crazy. ;)

<3 anna

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  1. You are not alone. Someday I would love to do the same thing (picking a cookbook and writing a blog about it). It is a very inspiring movie in so many ways! This movie meant a lot to me because I use to watch Julia Child every Saturday with my grandma. To this day I take after my grandma with my cooking style.


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