Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monday Musings

Hey guys,

First Monday Musings of the year, and I'm talking Facebook today. Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship.

I love staying connected with family and friends. I have so many in different states, so dropping Facebook isn't really an option for me. I just hate the drama that can be tied in with it. I also hate how some of my worst tendencies can come out because of Facebook. These being jealousy, comparing myself to others (Which causes me to be ungrateful and bratty. It also causes me to look at myself negatively) Which is something God didn't call me to do. Now I can't blame FB for all of it, I definitely take responsibility for my actions and know that I'm only human.

So a new goal that I didn't mention on the previous post is using Facebook less. I took a break for about a week and now I've decided to only check FB once a day if that. So far it's working really well and I already feel better. :)

***I'm also glad that I waited to make this post. It could have turned into an unnecessary rant.***

So how do you feel about Facebook? Love it or Hate it? Sound off below! :)

<3 Anna


  1. Love Facebook because almost all my family and friends are in the States. It is away that I can keep connected with them so easily.

  2. I do not like facebook! In fact I even closed my account because of uncessary drama and haven't ever looked back!

  3. I have gone through the love/hate thing with Fb. closed my acct, re-opened it, deleted people who were not being very nice and managed my friends list to eliminate weird or inappropriate rants.... But over all I find FB entertaining, and fun, a great way to stay easily connected with people I would otherwise probably lose track of or never talk to. All things in moderation and I try to use my Fb acct to shine my light and share Jesus, just as I do on my blog. :)

  4. I feel pretty much the same way. I love Facebook because it has allowed me to stay connected to friends and family I can't see very often. I can show them pictures of my kids and talk to them whenever I get the time. You can't exactly call someone in the middle of the night and sometimes that's a mom's only free time! Yet I do hate the drama, it's almost like people feel that since it's online they don't have to be polite. =/

  5. YES!!! I've been feeling the same way lately. I need to stay off of it. I get so incredibly cranky.


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