Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Goals

Hey guys!

Hope you all had an awesome New Years and are continuing to enjoy the new year. I'm still getting used to writing 2013! I'm one of those people that is amazed at how far away the 90's seem now!

So as always, I have goals for the new year, BUT I'm keeping with last years promise that they be simple and realistic. Last years goals have helped me to reflect and decide on this years. :)

In no particular order:

1) Read 10 books this year. I think this is a more realistic goal given that I have a baby now. I also hope to make half of them biographies/non fiction. I love fiction, but know I need to broaden my horizons more with nonfiction. :) If any one has any suggestions of books, especially nonfiction, please feel free to share in the comments.

Getting older...need to read at least one of these! ;)

2) Get my life and household in order. I love my sweet boy dearly, but ever since his birth, things have been chaotic, understandably so, but he is three working on four months old now...I'm ready to get things back in shape.

3) Speaking of shape, I want to do something about mine. I will work out 3-5 times a week. And I will think before I eat. I will work to make healthier choices and I will be an example for those I love.

4) Get involved. I plan to be more involved in my church this year. This is looking good, John and I are helping to start a small group through our church. I'm super excited about meeting others and growing in my relationship with Him. I also hope to either get an internship or volunteer later on in the year. :)

5) Craft of my big projects will be making most if not all of our gifts this year. I'm super psyched about this and looking forward to my craft time! :)

6) Start REALLY writing again and work on first book to potentially be published.

Be Real. Be Intentional. Seek God First.

So those are my goals, what are yours? I hope to update you on my progress throughout the year.

<3 anna

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  1. Anna, I have just read a biography of Leonard Cohen by Sylvie Simmons - if you like his music, it is a must read. Another biography that impressed me was the one about Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Happy New Year


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