Friday, January 11, 2013

First Christmas in VA!

Hey guys!

Last Christmas post of 2012! I'm excited to be writing this and ready to move forward with the new year! :)

So on the 27th, we headed up to VA. Our first stop was John's dad and stepmom's ( granddaddy and granny Nell to Declan;) We stayed there for a few days. We exchanged gifts, enjoyed time together, good food, and family. Declan got a high chair from his grandparents and a bag full of goodies from his Great Aunt Anita and Great Uncle Dwight. Declan also went to church for the very first time at the church his daddy and many other relations have spent much of their lives. He did very well especially during worship. We didn't have to go to the nursery until the sermon started, I think he may have stayed for most of it, if it had been solely a worship service. ;)

We then headed up to John's mom and stepdad's ( Nona and Papa to Declan) Declan enjoyed a lot of time with his Nona , Papa, and daddy. I unfortunately, rang in the new year sick. :/ I got a bad cold, thankfully, with everyone's help it only lasted three days. Declan got several goodies from his grandparents as well as a gift from his Great Aunt Jeannie and Great Uncle Wayne. I was very happy to feel well enough to enjoy our last night and morning there. Hopefully, next visit I won't catch anything!

Pictures and a video will be posted once I get everything. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, now let's continue to enjoy the new year! :)

<3 Anna

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