Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Christmas in our home!

Hey guys!

Our first Christmas at home was so fun! We watched Christmas movies, I cooked and baked cookies for Santa. :) It was pretty relaxing, or as relaxed as it could be with a three month old!

On Christmas Eve, we ended the evening reading The Night Before Christmas and The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas.

Christmas morning, after the usual morning routine----we looked in our stockings and exchanged gifts. We ended the day by reading The Christmas Story and A touch and feel Curious George Christmas book. :)

Here's a few pics!

Our Christmas Tree!

Sophie all festive in her bandana. It says Hugs and Kisses! :)

Declan just after his stocking. Sleepy head!

White Chocolate Mocha Starbucks copy cat! So good and easy to make! ;)

Onesie my mom got him---"All mommy wants is a silent night!"

Declan wearing his hat from St. Nick. Sophie tore one of the ears off. ..Lol.

Declan sporting the hat his Aunt Kayla and Soon-to-be Uncle Tim got him. ;)

***Next up Christmas in VA to complete, Christmas 2012!

<3 anna

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