Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 months old!

Hey guys!

 I can't believe I'm doing this post! My sweet baby boy will be three months old on Saturday!

  Sweet boy, 

 Today you are three months old! We can't believe all of the new things you are learning. You are growing up so fast! Sometimes we just want to hold you and tell you to slow down! :) You are so precious to us and we can't imagine life before you. Right now is a very exciting time for you because you are getting to spend time with all of your family during the holiday season. You are so very loved.

Sweet boy in the arms of his Triple G. (great-great grandmother)

You like:

  • looking at your reflection
  • rocking with mommy
  • listening to mommy or daddy read
  • lights
  • being talked to and encouraged
  • snuggles with mommy and daddy

You dislike:

  • diaper changes
  • bath time
  • being alone
  • tummy time (sometimes)

Learning: (Oh so much!)

  • Almost mastered holding head up. (You are still a little bobble head. ;)
  • Rolled over for the first time on 12-12-12! We are so proud! 
  • Slept through the night on 12-18-12. You have only done that once, but that was the first time and you are sleeping for at least 5 hours at night....which makes mommy and daddy so happy!
  • Babbling---you love to coo and babble at us. It is too cute!
  • You are pushing up on your hands and feet. You will be crawling in no time! Good thing too, because it seems you have places to go! ;)
  • You have discovered your hands and feet. You love to grab your feet and you stuff your fist in your mouth when mommy can't get bottle quick enough. ;)
You are discovering so much now. It's quite an exciting time, we are so happy that we get to go on this adventure with you.

Going to his first pediatrician's appointment.

1 month old!


2 months old!

Our little family ( 3 months old!)

So amazed at how much you have grown and changed already!


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Wow! I can't believe it has been 3 months already! He is precious!

  2. Beautiful big eyes! How time flies - it is really a good idea to record his development like this. Have you got a back up copy of these posts and pics just in case something goes wrong with Blogger? He will want to see them when he is all grown up!

  3. Love that sweet little smile in triple G's arms!! ;) He is precious!

  4. Awww, he is soooo cute! Beautiful family pic.

  5. He is just SO beautiful!!!! Like mommy and daddy :)

  6. He is adorable!!! It is amazing to see their little (and big!) milestones!

  7. Anna .....he is adorable and I love hearing your heart...the heart of a mom .

  8. YAY! Such a sweet little boy! I cannot wait until his best friend comes so they can meet. :)

  9. He is such a treasure. You are an amazing proud mommy. Enjoy every minute which you are.
    The feeling of constant amazement in everything they do and say never goes away by the way. Or at least hasn't for me and my oldest is 5.5. :)


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