Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update and Year End Recap

Hey guys,

Now that the holidays are over, I hope to get back into the swing of things here. Declan was sleeping through the night, but due to all the traveling and visiting family---I think his schedule has gotten out of whack. I'm hoping we can get back to normal soon. I enjoyed him sleeping through the night, so I could get some z's too!

As I mentioned in a previous post, there will be some changes to come here, including a new look for the blog. All of these changes I'm very excited about! I hope to get all caught up on posts this month, but only time will tell.

I hope to update you all with Christmas details and such in the coming days, for now I would like to recap on my goals for 2012 and see how I progressed.

1. Find a church home and get involved. ( No comment. Okay, so I do have a comment, I'm incredibly frustrated with this one. But we are doing something about it.)

2. I want to feel better about myself and be healthy. (This one comes and goes---I think I made some progress though.)

3.  Read 50 books this year. (Okay, I think I got around 20---which is pretty good for someone who spent part of the year with morning sickness---preggars, then learning to be a mom.)

4. Unplug. (When my husband is home, I don't want to be on the computer, phone, etc. unless he is doing his own thing.) (This is one I can be proud of. I know I did pretty well with this one. :)

5. I want to be more dedicated to praying and reading God's word. (Another one I can feel good about! :)

I have some goals for this year that I will share coming up this week. Some of these I'm tweaking for the new year. How did you do in 2012? Did you reach your goals?

<3 anna


  1. Sounds like you did pretty good! :) I absolutely love reading but only read like 3 books in the past year... Being a mom sure keeps ya busy!

  2. funny, we just got home from church service and the sermon was on setting goals. :) I think reviewing and debriefing the ones from our previous year is just as important as setting them. Before we set new ones it's good to know where we are at. Just remember as you review and set new ones: be kind to yourself. Happy New Year Anna.


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