Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello, Hello, Hello!

 I'm here. I promise! I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! We have been crazy busy. As I said in a recent post, we had our move and then got sick. :/ Declan was a total trooper and John and I were pretty pitiful. Thankfully, that is all over. Last night we got most of the work done in our bedroom and D's. I'm really happy about that. It's starting to feel like a home. I seriously don't plan to move again for at least three years. Well that's the goal at least. God may have different plans. ;)

 So besides the move and all the holiday fun, I'm making plans for the new year. One includes the blog. I have a lovely friend who is going to help me give this place a face lift. I'm so excited! Also I'm hoping to find ways to beef up security around here, but also be open for my readers. I'm not 100 percent on how to do that, but you guys can follow along with me on that. With the whole Facebook/Instagram thing, it's got me thinking about how I present myself online and how I really value my privacy, especially now with my son in the picture. So stay tuned for that!

 I feel so behind on everyone's posts and I have quite a few I need to make myself. At least I can cross this one off the to-do list. ;) The truth is, I probably won't get caught up until January. There is just too much going on. We will be leaving for VA on the 27th and not returning until the 4th. We will have little to no internet access, so it will be a nice break, but that means no posts here. So bear with me and be excited with me for all the changes to come!

<3 anna

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  1. Ahh sounds like a much-needed break going to Virginia!!! I'm excited for you! We just got approved for a home loan yesterday and get to meet with our realtor today! I am So stoked!!!


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