Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post: Stopping to Smell the Roses

Hey Hey Living the Leviner Life readers! How awesome that Anna's little guy is already here, I'm so excited to be able to help a fellow parent out with this guest post while she's enjoying her little man!  I'm Katherine from Irish Italian Blessings, pretty much a super awesome blog about anything.you.can.possibly.imagine with a wee bit of humor. Come say hello, I'll make you laugh, guaranteed or your money back!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite posts about being a parent, a mom, a busy, on the go, always doing something person and finding the reminder to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy!

Life goes by too fast. Every day feels like I'm running a race through Motherhood and Wifeyhood. With school work, play dates, holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, trying to find time to see our friends, time with just Brian and I, fun with the kids, crafting, blogging...are you as exhausted as I am yet? Time for myself...what even is that?! Getting to go to the grocery store alone is like a one man party, as I dance down the aisles flinging things carelessly into my basket that doesn't contain a baby in a car seat and a toddler in the seat.

People always ask me how I have time to do it all and I don't have an answer. I just do it. Sleep is close to non-existent and I'm pretty sure Folgers (you're welcome for the free plug) has had a stock increase ever since Braden was born, with the amount of coffee I'm consuming to feel like a normal human being (you're welcome again, feel free to send me free coffee for life, thanks).

With all these things that I'm already doing, how do I find time to do the things I want to do? I want to continue doing community service for a variety of organizations that pull at my heart. I want to be an Anti Bullying Advocate and I want to raise awareness about School Shootings and offer some support options for people feeling like they have no other choices. I want to write a book. Heck, I WANT to put a few pictures up on my walls that I haven't done since I moved in almost 3 years ago!
There is already so much I have to do, there's little time for things I want to do.

 Life is never ending so how do you stop to enjoy it?

The other night, as my son had woken up for the umpteenth million time (yes, it's a number), in my exhaustive haze I went through the "What the heck do you need/want checklist?" Diaper, Hugs, Food, (if you have some magical secret I'm missing on this checklist, please feel free to share- #SleeplessinCalifornia) Anyhoo, as I got little man his bottle, in the darkness in his room, I looked down at him and just stopped and stared at his precious little face as he fell asleep in my arms. He looked so innocent and peaceful. All of my frustration about being awake all night melted away and I was just engulfed in his peace. It was at that very moment that I realized: THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. I must have sat there rocking and staring at that sweet boy for over an hour just happy to be where I was, falling in love with my son, enjoying being a mother, and remembering how if I was sleeping, I would be missing this beautiful moment.

How many times do you hear someone tell you to "Enjoy it while you can" or "They'll be grown ups before you know it." When I get old and grey and sit on my front porch (somewhere in the country, I don't know why, that's just how I imagine it), rocking in my rocking chair and watching life pass me by. When I think back to the memories of my life, THAT is the moment I'll remember. Not the play dates, or the crafts, or the blogging, and certainly NOT the homework, but those precious moments with my family are what I want my life to be about.

So Braden, Thank You for the reminder that sometimes we have to slow down on the to-do list, cut back on the schedule, and take moments in the wee hours of the middle of the night, to enjoy each other.

*Shocker! Pinterest had a sign that is perfect for this post*
AND! Thanks to everyone who has been so graciously putting up with my lack of  posting and visiting your blogs, I've written this post a million times in my head and finally am getting it out!

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