Friday, June 22, 2012

A Sweet Peach Treat!

Hey guys!

So I just tried an amazing recipe, just in time for summer! I found the recipe via Pinterest and it linked me to this blog.

The Peach Flip

Pitcher of the Peach Flip

Check out the frothy puree topping!

You will need:

Peaches (1 per person, you will be serving)

Lemonade ( 1/2 cup)

Sprite or lemon lime drink ( I eyeballed this one), For a more adult version you can use vodka or champagne. ;)

***Note all of this depends on how many people you are serving. The blog that this links to gives good advice on what to do.

1) Peel, half, and pit the peaches.
2) Puree the peaches and lemonade in a blender until smooth.
3) Pour *vodka over ice and top with puree. (Note: I just poured the puree over the Sprite and refrigerated. First getting some to sample for myself and will later share with John. ;)

Enjoy! And be sure to tell me if you try it! :)

<3 Anna


  1. Ooooh! This will be awesome at Balian's birthday party! I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Yum! That sounds delicious!

  3. sounds awesomely refreshing. thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Oh my oh my. This sounds DELICIOUSSSS :) I love peaches!


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