Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge, May 2012, Part 3

Hey guys,

Time to share more photos from my Photo-A-Day Challenge. :) I've really enjoyed taking more pictures and this has helped me to do so. I plan to continue taking more pictures, but I probably won't be doing one of these next month.

Day 11. Kitchen, This is a picture from our kitchen. :)

Day 12. Something that makes you happy. I just love making to-do lists and crossing things off!

Day 13. Mum This was taken Mother's Day 2011.

Day 14. Grass Rainy Day pic from our patio

Day 15. Love Our friend Stephanie took this picture. :)

Day 16. What you're reading. It was a pretty good read!

Day 17. Snack

Day 18. Something you made. It's dish detergent!

Day 19. A favorite place.  
This was taken in Athens at a Jittery Joe's. I love any place where I can get a good drink, a lovely atmosphere, and great decor! :)  And great conversation or be able to sit and read a good book!

Day 20. Something you can't live without.
Water! Especially today! I can't get enough!

So that's all I have to share for this week. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

<3 Anna

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  1. Your made your own detergent? COOL! Very cool :)
    Your favorite place looks like a whole lot of fun :)


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