Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 12 weeks!

your baby's the size of a plum!

Size of baby: The average fetus at 12 weeks is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces.

·         Baby Development This Week:  
  •         Most of her critical systems are fully formed!
  •           She's about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which her organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.
  •       She's now developing her reflexes -- if you poke her body, she'll likely move.
  •        She's opening and closing her fingers and curling her toes, too.
  •      Her brain is developing fast!

Maternity Clothes: I ordered a few things last week. I got some maternity underwear which are big on me, but the most comfortable things ever! I also got a belly band and tried it out this week. It was interesting. I also found out it was very helpful last night, when I was having a back ache.

Gender: Unknown

Movement: I think last night when I was having a back ache that the baby may have been adjusting his/her position. No kicks yet!

Sleep: Sleep is still amazing! :)

 What I miss: I miss the smell and taste of coffee. (Before it made me sick) L

Cravings: Cool Ranch Doritos, a Snickers bar, Cheerwine, and Oven Roasted Chicken subs from Subway (Over a few days and they only lasted the day of. Except for the sub)

Symptoms: nausea, back ache, leg cramps

Best Moment this week: It isn’t really a moment, but I’m so thankful for my husband. He has been so thoughtful and wonderful through everything so far and I know he will continue to be my rock.

*** Be sure to check back next week for week 13! :)


  1. ha...I couldn't drink or smell coffee when I was pregnant...I think that is why i was always so tired!!
    isn't the whole thing just so amazing?! you are carrying ,nourishing, protecting a human being inside your belly!!!

  2. Awww...how sweet. I love this. Very cool of you to share this. Congrats and good luck. xo

  3. I LOVE READING THIS. I find it sooo interesting :)
    That's a bummer you can't drink coffee...sigh!! Cheerwine! YUM!! My friend from college used to looooove it and said he couldn't only get it from NC. But I've seen in sometimes in Publix here :)
    Glad you're sleeping!! Hope you're leg cramps and back ache go away <3

    ps - you should take off the comment capcha :) pul-ezeee :D

  4. Congratulations, Anna!! So so exciting!!! Can't wait to read more! :)


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