Friday, March 16, 2012

Get Lucky Swap Reveal

Hey guys!

I'm sorry I'm posting this a little late! Our schedule is kinda crazy here and if I don't post something the day before, it usually gets posted later than I planned. :(

Anyway, I'm so glad you all participated in the Get Lucky Swap! Cami and I were so excited to get this organized and I think it was pretty successful. I look forward to seeing what everyone received. Hopefully, this can become an annual thing. :)

My partner was Lauren! It was so fun shopping for her and making a new blog friend. She has a super cute blog about her life and travels and I think you should all click on her name and check it out. :) My package to Lauren had a St. Patty's Day/Spring theme. I hope she is enjoying it!

I got these cute green earrings, a few of these cute shamrock straws, and these very festive socks. :)

Plus this cute card

with this sweet message!

Thanks again, Lauren!

<3 Anna

PS. If you haven't please check out these posts from yesterday. They were posted kinda late. :/ , Thanks!


  1. I have those exact earrings and I love them! They add such a fun pop of color to an outfit.

  2. SUPER cute earrings..I am loving the package YAY :) So happy to have been able to do this with you <3


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