Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful you

Hi guys,

I'm going to be making some changes on my blog very soon. I'll share with you a little more on that later.

First I was wondering if any of you caught this segment from Anderson?

I definitely can identify in some ways with Doris. I have often felt that I was meant to live in a different time period. I love vintage clothing and if I had the money, I would definitely want to be as comfortable in my own skin as she seems to be. I don't think I could pull off the red lipstick and fake eyelashes, but there is definitely a confidence boost from wearing red. I've heard that red is a color that looks fabulous on any woman. I think some people may disagree with me on that, but that's what I've read.

Anyway, I just had to share how neat her story was and how I truly admire people who are true to themselves, that don't try to impress anyone and just be who they are. If you are trying to impress someone. Stop and think about what you are doing. Is it really worth it to sacrafice who you are to impress this person? I'm sure it's not.

So my message for all of you today, is to be who you are. You are beautiful. You don't need to be anything more than who you are.  On this lovely Friday, I hope that you will do something that makes you feel happy. Then spread that happiness to others, treat a friend to a movie, take some extra time to snuggle with your kiddos/hubby/fur baby, call a friend and offer an encouraging word.

You have no idea how your words can improve not only your life, but the lives of others. I'll never forget a story I read from one of The Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul's books, (laugh if you must, but I was a sucker for these and I have a copy of the Couples and Dog and Cat Lover's books The story was about two friends and how one friend called the other and left this very kind message for her on her answering machine. The other girl called back in tears, she thanked her friend and told her that it had been the worst day of her life. She had actually been contemplating suicide as she received the message from her friend. The friend that made the call was in shock, she had no idea that her friend was in such pain. She was so thankful to talk to her and give her encouragement in her time of need. I don't remember all the details of the story, but the underlying meaning rings on several years after reading this story. I hope this story was thought-provoking to you as well.

I could have probably gone on and on with these points, but I think you get the idea. ;)

<3 Anna

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  1. I missed that segment - thanks for telling us about it!! I love stories like that <3


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