Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pregnancy Highlights

(FYI: I have decided to do a weekly update on my pregnancy. (As you will see below) The only thing you won’t see is baby bump pictures. I decided before I got pregnant, that this wasn’t something I really wanted to do. I am not against these picture updates and know many friends that choose to do them. I also know that there will be plenty of preggo pictures of me from various important upcoming events and those will be blog worthy. So truly, I feel that no one will be missing out on anything.  Despite the fact that I am choosing not to do baby bump updates, I still wanted to document this big event in our lives. I got the template idea for this from Sarah over at Adventures of the Christensens. I don’t always comment on her blog, but love reading updates on her sweet family.)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 11 weeks!

Size of baby: your baby's the size of a lime!

Your fetus is about 1.6 inches long, and she's got about a 1:1 head to body ratio. She now weighs in at about .25 ounces.

Baby Development This Week: 
·         You can't see it, but she's moving fluidly and gracefully in there.
·         Her skin is see-through, but she's on her way to looking more like a baby.
·         Her fingers and toes aren't webbed anymore.
·         Tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds are forming.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, I do enjoy wearing leggings and pj bottoms even more than usual. 

Gender: Unknown

Movement: Our baby is moving, but I’m not able to feel it yet.

Sleep: Sleep has become one of my favorite things. J

What I miss: I miss being able to eat whenever I want. Now to avoid feeling absolutely horrible, I have to eat every couple of hours.

Cravings: I had the strongest craving for a BLT an hour ago.

Symptoms: minor back pain, heartburn, and leg cramps at night.

Best Moment this week: My doctor’s appointment yesterday, we got tons of information on the pregnancy and lots of goodies. I got a pregnancy/body pillow and I think John and Sophie are jealous, it’s so awesome! J


  1. :) I need to come and see you this summer and take some uber cute photos of baby to be even you would like.

  2. :)You're gonna be so cute with a baby bump!

  3. Thanks for the offer, Victoria. I wouldn't ask you to do that. It's waaaay too far! I got a discount with a local photographer here, if we have the money I may do that. I just have a lot of reasons that I don't want the typical baby bump pictures. I don't wish to go into a big explanation here. I don't want to unintentionally offend anyone.

    Thank you Stephanie, that's sweet of you to say that. :)

  4. ha..I ate BLT's witb my first husband would have to bring them to me for lunch!!
    good luck with everything!

  5. BLT...yum!
    I want to see baby bump pictures! ;)
    How much longer until you'll know the gender??

  6. The body pillow was my absolute favorite and it stuck around even after the baby!! I tagged you in a post


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