Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey guys,

So I promised to catch you all up on what's going on in the Leviner household.....

That's right, John and I are going to be parents! Our sweet little pumpkin  should arrive just in time for  fall!
So yes, things have been crazy and exciting all at once! Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks and I'm so thrilled. The first trimester has been less than kind to me. I spent much of it, in bed with some serious nausea, munching on saltines and sipping ginger ale. That is part of the reason, I've been missing here. I was so sick it was becoming suspicious. ;) Now I don't have to worry over that. It feels great to share our big news! :)

So I ask that you be patient with me with comments and responding to comments, I have a lot of adjustments going on in my life and will have many more once the baby arrives. I hope to take time once a week (at hopefully) the least to get caught up on all of that.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will share my 11 week Pregnancy Highlight!

<3 Anna

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  1. Little Leviner - please be born on Sept 29! ;)

    HUGS. So excited <3


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