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Ruthless Review

A's baaaaaaaaccccccck!

This series is crazy addictive! Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. There will be at least 2 more books. I'm so hooked, that I will keep reading and reviewing for my own

As always SPOILERS below. If you plan to read the series or are not interested, be sure to check out other posts from this week. :)

The girls are feeling guilt over Tabitha's death, which is making each of them act out in different ways.

Aria: As predicted, Ezra returns. (to the happiness of some readers) I don't know, but common sense to me says that this relationship was doomed from the start. (I think I was naive at the start, and wanted them to be together, but after the first was clear to me.) So I got a little ahead of myself, after all the drama from the last book, Noel breaks up with Aria and starts dating Klaudia. *hiss* Just like a magnet, Ezra comes waltzing back into the picture, desiring to rekindle his relationship with Aria. Things are clearly not the same and end with Aria catching Klaudia with Ezra. Noel and Aria make up. (I'm not entirely sure if this relationship will last.)

Emily: Emily meets a girl named Kelsey at a party. They instantly connect and quickly become best friends. This relationship does not make Spencer happy. (This is explained further in Spencer's part of the story)

Hanna: While helping with her dad's campaign, Hanna meets a guy named Liam and falls hard for him. She finds out early on that he is the son of her father's opponent and continues with the relationship. She later learns that her Romeo is really a Casanova and dumps him. She reveals to her father some secrets she learned from Liam about his father, in hopes of revenge and a successful campaign run. Kate also shows a different side to herself, by agreeing to help seek revenge on Liam. (This is due to her having a boy do the same thing to her)

Spencer: Spencer attends some AP classes at The University of Pennsylvania. There she meets a girl named Kelsey and they become fast friends. The girls soon discover "Easy A" a speed pill that the girls believe help them with their studies. One night, the girls run out of their pills and seek out a dealer. The girls get pulled over by the cops on their way back to campus. The girls get interrogated and Spencer terrified of the consequences pins the whole thing on Kelsey. She does this by getting Hanna to plant pills in her room. This is why Spencer is understandably upset with Emily's new friendship. Spencer and Emily have a huge fight over Kelsey. Emily is so upset that she reveals to Kelsey that Spencer framed her. Kelsey gets very upset and jumps in her car, Emily concerned joins her. Kelsey drives Emily to a familiar spot, Floating Man's Quarry. (this is where Mona Vanderwaal died) There is a struggle and then Kelsey decides to kill herself. She suffers a nasty fall, and ends up getting sent to The Preserve. (the same center Hanna and Alison were sent to) This leaves the girls thinking that Kelsey was -A and their troubles are over. (Not so fast!) The girls get a text with a picture of Tabitha's body washed up on the beach. The girls decide they need to find out how much Kelsey actually knows. They discover that Kelsey did know about Spencer when she met Emily. They also discovered that Kelsey had another stash of drugs hidden in her room, so Spencer sped up the process of her ending up in juvie. The girls left with heavy hearts and few answers. The book ends with one of the girls turning and seeing a memorial bench, the girls are horrified to discover that the name on the bench was Tabitha. She was a patient at one of The Preserve centers! The book ends yet again with many questions.

Honestly, the only thing that keeps me reading is the need to know the The girls stories were not as strong. Ezra coming back seemed stiff and uneventful. Emily comes off again being very naive and ignorant for someone who has been through so much. You would think she would have some trust issues. I actually had high hopes for Hanna's relationship even though it was star-crossed. Oh well! Spencer has got to be the slimiest most spineless of all the characters. She just keeps getting darker and darker. She seems to approach a level almost equivalent to -A's. (I guess they all have, but hers is easier for me to see.)

Next up!

* Currently on book shelves there is a book titled, Pretty Little Secrets, it contains short stories revealing more of the girl's secrets.

* The next book in the series, Stunning,  is scheduled to be released June 5, 2012. This book will mainly revolve around Emily. (Twisted was a group secret, Ruthless was Spencer's secret and the books to follow will cover Hanna and Aria's secrets.) Maya was not in this book, but I imagine she will probably pop up in this book since it is about Emily's secret.  You can learn more information on Stunning here.

More reviews to come as I read through the series!

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