Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starting Today...

Hey everyone,

You are probably curious about my blog title. Well I know that a lot of people start new things at the beginning of a week. I decided that it doesn't matter when you start, as long as you start and stick with it. Today I'm starting two very different projects.

Project #1 This exercise plan

For some of you, (those extremely gorgeous people *cough* I could name a few of you) this will seem like baby steps, but for me it should be a good---get me back into working out routine.(Remember my love/hate post) As the picture says this is a 60 day workout and increases what you have to do each day along with "rest days." I'm excited about starting and this along with walking Sophie will be a good build-up for me. I also plan to get back on my treadmill, once my guest room doesn't look like a tornado hit it. Which leads me to project 2. ;)

Project #2 This organizational plan

This challenge is so inspiring. I'm so glad I finally have everything I need to start. You don't really have to buy things for this challenge. I just did so, because I'm convinced that I want to do this right and was seriously lacking in storage containers! Today's challenge is cleaning out my junk drawer(s). I instantly know where to start! We are supposed to post pictures, I'm debating back and forth on this because everyone else's houses seem so much more organized than mine and because the challenge has technically ended. I'll probably take pictures of the before and decide later what to share. I'll definitely share an after shot. ;)

So those are my projects, please share with me what goals you are working towards. I would love to hear about them. :)

<3 Anna PS. I had a request from my last post for a pic of my rain boots. So here they are! ;)


  1. good for you Anna! I went to the gym today too and hoping I will stick to it-- as long as my bad shoulder co-operates. thanks for sharing your boots with us. Tres chic!

  2. Yay for Anna! I really need to work on the whole organization stuff... I've let things get out of control! NO ONE gets to see pics of my junk drawer!

  3. Gorgeous people? *cough* Anna *cough*. Quit it.

    You should just blog daily on here about the organizational things. Post the before and after pics on here, tell about your experience, and etc. I want to get organized so badly, but I'm only going to be living here another two months, so it's kind of pointless. I will at the next place, though!

  4. Great goals. You should totally do a 'before' and 'after' photo of your drawers. It will give you motivation to tackle other areas.
    I am an organize freak. After 3 weeks of working out of state I just organized my pantry and kitchen drawers last night. Couldn't stand how they were all in disarray.
    Good luck with the workout plan. When I come back from vacation I need to start something like this.


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