Thursday, October 13, 2011

21 Day Organizing Challenge: Days 1 and 2

Hey everyone,

I promised an update on my progress with the 21 day challenge and here it is. :) I've decided I'll update you guys every Thursday. So look for lemony fresh posts once a week. ;)

Day 1 Junk Drawer(s) Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I think junk drawers are everyone's private shame. I think every home has one and everyone wants to avoid peeking in that drawer, for fear of getting sucked into the chaos. I think this drawer is also created because even though most of us try to have a place for everything, we don't. I'm sure those of you who live in an apartment, duplex, or smaller home can especially relate. One of the main reasons I started this challenge besides the fact that I wanted to get organized, is that we have too much stuff and not enough space!

I started with my baker's rack, which has a drawer that has become very junky! This picture is embarrassing. (hides face)


It's hard to believe how bad it had gotten! I started out taking everything out of the drawer and sitting it in a basket. I then used some all-purpose cleaning spray (I dilute mine a little with water, and it lasts longer) and wiped the drawer out. Then I got to do the fun part, organizing! (At the beginning of the challenge, we were told to keep a trash can handy and a box for stuff to donate. I got to work sifting through all the junk, most of it went to the trash. It's crazy how we accumulate things!) I then took out my slim containers, I purchased from the Dollar tree and got to work organizing the things that were left. I'm happy to say this story does have a good ending, check out the after shot!


Look at the difference! I am so proud! ;)

I also tackled the junk drawer in our kitchen. I forgot to get a before picture here. :/

As you can see, I also used the same system here, as well as style container. If you have bionic eyes, please excuse the messy floor---it's been raining here and our dog is great at tracking stuff in.

Day 2 Computer Desk(s) (just the top) Thursday, October 13, 2011

I wasn't particularly enthused about this one. Since we have a laptop and are never in there and the guest bedroom is currently a tornado, I really, really didn't want to go back there. I sucked it up and did it anyway! It was pretty humorous to see that John's Chic-fil-a calendar was still on August. I used the same system as above. The results are not as exciting, but I'm happy to have two cleaned and organized work stations. I hope that wherever we end up next, we will actually use our spare room!


As you can see it is rather dusty, but not too cluttered.


Lemony fresh and neat!

Our second work station


It was a bit more cluttered than the computer desk and quite dusty!


I was happy to make better use of the organizer in the lamp and to get rid of the dust bunnies! *sneeze*

So that is it for this week! Until next time!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." – William Morris (British craftsman, designer and poet, 1834-1896)

<3 Anna

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