Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Roundup!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and great Monday! Ours was pretty fun! :)

Friday: My friend, Andrea, came over for a sleepover and girls night out. I wasn't feeling well so we kept it low-key. We went to dinner at Sonic and decided to eat outside at the tables. Andrea made friends with a praying mantis...or so she thought! The thing came after her and she ended up some how sweeping it off the table...It was too hilarious! After dinner we decided to check out the sales at Borders. At the time, the prices were only down to 10 and 20 percent. We were a little disappointed. We then headed back to my house for more girl talk and then z's.

Saturday: I woke up before my alarm and decided to get a head start on the day. I made coffee and started packing my bags. Something I forgot to do the night before. During this time, I talked with Andrea about various things---the weekend trip to Atlanta, lunch plans, etc. I debated on music while packing...but decided against it. I was already having issues focusing. I helped Andrea retrieve stuff needed for the trip from her car and more girl talk. John got here right on schedule and he began packing as well. It is so unfair how short packing time is for guys! John took Sophie to a co-worker's house for the weekend. I hoped that their dogs will be nice to her this time, but figure they will probably end up separated anyway. (I later find out that the dogs end up finally getting along...yay!) After dropping off Sophie, John goes to pick up our friend, Marquis and lunch.

Andrea and I finish up our packing and discuss lunch. We decide to get the guys to grab food from The Black Forest Deli and Bakery.( I love that place and giving local businesses, my business! :) While we are waiting for the guys, Andrea and I watch episodes from the first season of Boy Meets World. I wish they made more shows like this...that leave me feeling happy. :) The guys finally get back...and we eat lunch. My sandwich was HUGE and's called a Bulldawg...tomatoes, lettuce, ham, turkey, bacon, etc....yum! We watched a couple more episodes and John showed me the Boston cream donuts, he got from the bakery section...also very good! By that time I am stuffed and we are all ready to hit the we pack the car and are on our way.

Marquis brings out his ipod and shares his amazing music with's still stuck in my head! The trip up is spent talking about shared experiences, music, plans, etc. We decide to go to Discover Mills, our first stop: Books-A-Million and I of course make some book purchases. ;) I help Andrea look for a book and it ends up being right in front of us...only us! ;) We then head to a shoe store and Marquis looks for shoes to replace his old should see the looks like someone shot a hole in his shoe...craziness! Marquis, the amazing person that he is, buys me the most adorable Glee socks ever...I seriously can't wait to wear them...I'm going to be so fierce! ;)

We then split up girls/guys and the stores begin to blur. Andrea and I find super cute cupcake necklaces in Claires. I find out I'm allergic to rednecks, in Bass Pro Shop...inside joke...Andrea gets a cute pair of yellow sandals in Charlotte Russe and we both get some goodies in an African store. We meet back up with the guys and of course...Andrea and I have not made it through the full length of the mall. The guys have been through a few times...sigh. It will be waiting for us another day. ;)

We then head to Andrea's aunts house. This was our first time meeting her and she was very kind. She had a beautiful home and told us we could visit any time. She also has a great love for animals, so I enjoyed seeing them and missing Sophie. We got acquainted and talked about our plans, traveling, etc. We ended the night watching Meet the Parents.

Sunday: Most of us slept in until 12:30...I can't remember the last time that happened! We packed and decided to check out a nearby park. We went on a hike, where I realized how out of shape I am...but that ends now! We then happily visited the air conditioned visitor's center and museum. It was pretty interesting and nice to be inside! We then headed to Barnes and Noble...where I guiltily bought more books...I'm so obsessed! (As well as Starbucks goodness!) Marquis also bought me a really awesome book, which I will probably discuss in my next post! ;) We then headed to O'Charleys, for some good food. We enjoyed fun conversation, cute babies, and I was in love with my strawberry lemonade...I had at least three glasses and water!

All good things must come to an end...but not without awesome music and dancing...and generally being fabulous! :D The trip had to end, but many fun memories were made!

Today: Andrea and I ended our fun weekend with a trip to Gigi's Cupcakes and a visit to Tractor Supply---where we looked at cowboy boots for fun. :)I have to say Gigi's Cupcakes are amazing...and you should definitely check them out!

So that was our was yours? :)

<3 Anna

Ps. I have a few more pics to add...should get them this week and will add then. :)

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  1. Hey Anna, you have been busy. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

    Lisa x


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