Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fighting the Clutter bug!

Hey everyone,

I found a perfect article this week in, All You! (If you don't have one, I recommend getting a subscription to this magazine. It has lots of coupons, housekeeping tips, recipes, etc.) This article is titled: Maximize storage, minimize mess. A topic, I'm very interested in at the moment. If you are interested in checking out this article and others on the subject go here: http://www.allyou.com/ and click on the Budget Home tab. You will find many great articles under Easy Decorating.

In this particular article, they divide the most cluttered areas of a home by categories. Here's the first one for example:

Organize your Kitchen Table

Clutter Culprits:

school books
mail and bills
craft supplies
kitchen utensils

Goal- Seek a storage solution for all the paperwork and items commonly left in this spot so the transition to mealtime goes smoothly.

Solutions: Wall mounted folders, a marker/message board, inbox for school papers that need to be signed, a stackable storage unit.

The article goes on in this fashion and gives simple suggestions on how to stay tidy. I really enjoyed the article and found many ideas to get on the right track with my cleaning. So off I go! :) Happy Cleaning!

<3 Anna


  1. Hey Anna, I am currently cleaning out my clutter for our church thrift sale.

    Lisa xx

  2. I always intend to clean up the clutter but in reality, I just need to pay someone who's more organized then me so I can make my life easier :)

  3. Great tips. I am one of those obsessive people though that absolutely can not stand clutter. You can't find a counter or a surface in my house that would be clutter for more than hour. It sounds cool but it is actually an issue cause I can't let it go and have to pick-up and organize.


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