Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quite Contrary, Garden Log 3

My dearest readers!

I've been horrible about updating our garden progress. I've been waiting to take pictures and still haven't gotten around to it. (All week my focus has been school and getting organized with that. I took my first test today and got an 85. I studied very hard and was hoping for an A, but I'm happy with my grade. I now know what to expect and it takes the pressure off some. ;)

So back to the garden update, so far we have had a few zucchini plants harvested. We used the first one in spaghetti and it was amazing! The other night we steamed some to go along with the main course, also very good. We have other plants that look like they will need harvesting soon! So excited to see the fruit of our labors!

The only bad note this time is one of our cucumber plants died. Our begonias are also struggling in the GA heat. We could seriously use some rain down here! We water the garden everyday now, but there's nothing like natural rain water. :) I would also love to hear it on the roof again!

Any fellow gardeners out there? How are your plants doing?

<3 Anna

ps. I'm going to try and do better and get pictures next time! ;)


  1. Wow! I just put my zucchini starters in the ground last week. Wyoming has a fairly short growing season but I'm sure we'll have time to get to harvest with the zucchini, probably August.

  2. Oh my heavens the heat here has been unbearable! I haven't been out to see my plant babies in three days. I'll be looking at them in the morning. The tomatoes and peppers are struggling.

  3. Im sorry about the cucumber plant. Sounds like your gardening is going strong though! I just dont have the patience.

  4. Oooo... our garden is still a lump of muddy compost littered dirt!! First week of June is gone and we still can't call it summer... or even really spring. it breaks my husbands heart because he is the one who loves loves loves a veggie garden. not sure it will happen this year. sad....


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