Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey everyone,

I don't normally post on weekends, but I wanted to post about last weekend. In other words, I didn't want to make two posts on Monday. ;)

So last Friday evening, we packed up the car and made the long 6-7 hour trip to VA. We didn't get there until 2 am. I was tired and very The good news was we were able to sleep in.

Saturday we did a few chores around the house and watched tv. That evening we met up with my father-in-law, step-mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law for dinner. We went to a fish house, it's Mama Doris' favorite (that's what we actually call her. The in-laws, steps, halves, and all that would get confusing, I'm sure.) I'm not a big fish fan and was disappointed to see they didn't have grilled tilapia. So I got broiled instead, it was pretty comparable. One thing you must learn about me, is despite my unenthusiastic feelings towards fish, I love hushpuppies and could eat them forever. They had some amazing John let me try his alaskan white fish. I actually liked it too. Big deal for me....being a landlubber and all. ;) Later on in the weekend, I learned that I also like mahi mahi.

Sunday we attended my mother-in-law's church. They had part of the service dedicated to memorial day and the other part was done by the woman of the church. The service was about being left behind and they had a very powerful drama. I was surprised to learn that it was done without any rehearsals. Everyone did a great job! After church we met our friend Victoria and her son, Balian. June 11th is his first birthday and we got to give him his first present. He seemed to like it! :) That evening we went to Walmart. John and I hit up a great movie sale. (We got a little carried away and had to put some back...but we still got some really good movies in the process;) My mother-in-law got me a shark vac and I'm pretty much in love with the thing. It picks up Sophie's hair so well! We ended the night watching Alice in Wonderland. (the new one) I was disappointed because I fell asleep during my favorite parts. (the battle against the jabberwocky and the flutterwacken)

The next morning, John and I woke early and got breakfast for everyone. We enjoyed breakfast and talking and then it was time to pack the car. We got all packed up and said our goodbyes. As we did this, we noticed the policeman down the road racing up the road. (There's a point to this detail, I promise.) Anyway, we had a pretty nice trip home. On our way home, John got a text from his brother, it said that he proposed to his girlfriend, we just met. We were so excited to hear the good news and look forward to another fun wedding to attend! :) We made a stop in Greenville at a used book store, they give store credit for books. We brought some books in and got some new ones as well. :) Once we finally got home, we got a call from John's brother. You know the cop I mentioned before....well check out this story:
The cop that shot his ex-wife lived just down the road from my mother-in-law. We live in a scary world. My heart breaks for their family.

So that was our Memorial Day weekend, how was yours?

<3 Anna


  1. You had a busy weekend! Ours was uneventful in comparison, but good.

  2. I had a great weekend and it sounds like you had a very hectic one!


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