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Unbelievable Review

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Can you believe it's Wednesday once again?! This year seems to be going by pretty fast! Today's review will be of the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series Unbelievable. As always if you do not wish to see spoilers...please check out a previous post. Thanks!

When we last left the girls were shocked to find one of their own hit by a car. Hanna was silenced before she was able to reveal the identity of -A. The girls received a creepy text saying "She knew too much." The girls are terrified and realize that -A is willing to do anything to keep his/her secrets safe. Could -A be Ali's killer? How does -A know so much?

Hanna Marin knew -A's identity, now she is lying in a hospital bed. Hanna's face is bruised and she is in a coma. Will she wake up? Will she remember the news she discovered?

Emily didn't "obey" her parent's wishes and instead of being with her friend who needs her. She is sent off to Iowa to live with her very strict aunt and uncle and their children. She is actually able to enjoy herself but to what cost?

Spencer discovers she is having blackouts and she could be Ali's killer. This isn't her only worry, Spencer gets nominated for an award and has to present on the paper she stole from her sister.

Aria loses Ezra and has to stoop to asking her dad and his girlfriend for a place to stay.

Hanna wakes up from her coma and the girls are discouraged to learn that she doesn't remember who -A is. Lucky for Mona, she doesn't remember the nasty way she treated her at her Sweet Seventeen party either. Mona and Spencer team up to throw Hanna a welcome back party. This causes Spencer and Mona to get to know once another and become friends. The party goes well enough until Spencer "realizes" that her sister is -A. Spencer and Mona decide to go report this to the police while Hanna and the rest stay behind to enjoy her party. During the party the girls talk and Hanna begins to remember what happened the night of the car crash. She remembers that Mona is -A! This sends the girls into a bit of a panic as they try to contact Spencer to warn her. Spencer does her best to reveal where she is to the girls. Mona realizes what's going on and throws Spencer's phone out the car window. Mona and Spencer finally arrive at Floating Man Quarry, an eerie place where it is said a boy's ghost still haunts. Mona tries to convince Spencer to join her and they can rule the school together. Spencer refuses and they fight. Spencer and Mona struggle and both nearly fall. Mona does and is killed instantly. During the squabble, Spencer learns that Ali's diary reveals that Ali had given Ian an ultimatum the night she went missing. She wanted to meet with Ian and he agree to break up with Melissa before her trip to Prague (All of these facts are slowly pieced together in the book. ) If Ian didn't agree, she would reveal that they were dating. This gives Ian motive and it's revealed that Ian is now the number one suspect in Ali's murder. The last scene in this book, shows the girls going to the court house for Ian's hearing. The girls watch as Ian pleads not guilty and are able to get some relief as this is now all over. Emily thinks she see's Ali in a car on their way out of the court house. She keeps this to herself.

This book was fast-paced and full of energy. You feel very sad to read that Hanna is in a coma. Hanna is one of my favorite characters and she is so full of life. It seems wrong for a portion of the book for her not to really be interacting with everyone. Emily's trip to Iowa was pretty interesting but what was even more interesting was her parents acceptance of her once she returned. Sometimes it takes losing---nearly losing someone for people to realize the damage done. This seems to wake people up. There was so much in this one book it's hard to remember to put it all in the summary and I know I left out a ton of details. One was how Jenna and Aria bonded through art class. Aria learned that Jenna wasn't so bad, but also that Ali and Jenna had a sort of friendship. Spencer had a lot of realizations in this book as well. I imagine it's pretty scary to find out you have black outs and think you may have killed your best friend. She also had to lie and the crazy thing is she was led to believe all of this by her parents! In the end I was glad to see her stick up for what is right. The realization that -A was Mona was pretty huge. I had suspected her for awhile, but when she started receiving the texts also, that threw me off the trail. Ian's arrest was sad. I really thought Melissa was guilty. As I said before this book was great. I hate that there was so many details that I can't fit them all in. This book had ALOT going on. So stay tune next week for my review of book 5, Wicked!

17. What is one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?

I want to one day be a mother. I feel that in a few years this will happen, right now I'm growing and learning about myself with my hubby. I also hope that we will be more financially stable by then.

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