Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plans and Such

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to post about my new etsy store today, but we've been having trouble with our debit cards. (We have money in our account, they just don't work. :/) So I was unable to create my seller account. BOO! Keep your eyes peeled for a post, when things get fixed.

My focus now is to get my life organized. I know that when I start school again(in July), I'll need some sort of schedule to keep me focused.

Here are the things that are important to me:

Devotion/prayer time

Bible reading

Reading for pleasure

volunteering with Humane Society

Finding a nursing home/ something of that nature to volunteer with.


My blog

Regular Exercise

Starting my Etsy store and working on my small business

Spending time with family and friends


Crafts---I'd like to learn to sew again and take time for special projects

What's important to you? What is your must have for a good day?

16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

I think this is because everyone has a different personality. Some people are gifted with a green thumb and would love nothing more than to garden and spend time in nature. Others are not gifted in that area or do not enjoy the outdoors. The different preferences people have, has ALOT to do with what makes them happy.

<3 Anna


  1. Can't wait to check out your new etsy store. Hope you can organize everything.
    My issue is I have too many projects I would like to work on but very very little time to devote to them. So I do the best I can of my personal stuff as my life is currently dedicated to my kids and family. I do make sure though I get one night a week for myself which is when I meet my girlfriends and be me!


  2. can't wait till you get that fixed!! I have not enough time in a day...never...I would love to have three of me...one to do the errands...one to do the cleaning and me to do the blogging!

  3. @ Fashion Confessions of a mom: That's great! I hope I can be that organized before I have kids...I'm sure it will make the transition easier.

    @ Tootsie: Me too and I understand. ;)


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