Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Facts about me (Part 2)

Hey everyone!

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Thursday, March 30- Part 3
Tuesday, April 5- Part 4

26. I look forward to being a mom one day. :)

27. I’m not a breakfast person. I usually have to make myself eat.

28. I’m thankful for the rain we are getting, it is especially helpful when you are very allergic to pollen.

29. I would like to one day own a vanity and a chinese room divider/screen.

30. I’m very girly, some people don’t like that…but it’s who I am.

31. I used to be on time for everything, now I have a tendency to run late.

32. I have yet to find an exercise I like, but I’m trying to be consistent for my health.

33. I love antiques. I love shopping in consignment shops and thrift stores.

34. I love art. Some of my favorite artists are: Monet, Georgia O’Keefe, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, etc.

35. I’m very much an introvert. I greatly appreciate my alone time. I have scattered times where I really appreciate the company of other people, but for the most part I’m content to be alone or with a small group of people.

36. I love saving money. I clip coupons, look at sales papers, look at websites, etc.

37. I know how to make my own bath salts and laundry detergent. I love learning to make new things.

38. I’m a tutor and I enjoy helping people learn, it’s very fulfilling to me.

39. Since I love teaching so much, I’m strongly considering homeschooling my children.

40. I would rather be in the mountains than on a beach.

41. I can only handle camping and the beach for a weekend.

42. The above leave me feeling unclean and eagerly wanting a shower.

43. I love History and everything to do with it.

44. I would love to learn about my ancestors.

45. I know that some of my ancestors were Dutch, English, and Cherokee Indian.

46. I have never had a good father figure in my life. This makes it hard to trust men. I’m thankful that God allowed me to see the good in my husband and the guy friends I do have.

47. I love to learn about anything and everything.

48. I used to be a cat person, but am now a dog person.

49. I love animals. I wish I could have a zoo, farm, animal rescue, etc.

50. I have bouts of baby fever every now and then.

Until next time! <3 Anna


  1. Thanks for sharing your facts! I feel the same about the baby fever; it comes and goes!

    If you want to link back, at the bottom of the Part 2 post is the Linky tool. That way others can find your post and you can read theirs, too :)

    Have a great day!

  2. More really interesting facts about you Anna! I'm almost 64, but still think of myself as a girly person! I love Monet, and still have very fond memories of a visit to Monet's garden a couple of years ago.

  3. We have a lot in common! I too am not a breakfast person and never have been. I enjoy the mountains over the beach as well and I could shop in consignment/thirft stores all day too! Just wait till you have kids. The children's consignment sales are the bomb!

  4. @ Megan: Thanks for the comment. I linked up a couple of hours ago. I'll be going back in a few to check out today's post. :)

    @ Thisisme: Thanks for commenting. I would love to visit the Monet garden!

    @ Holly: That's so neat. I've really enjoyed learning about people through this challenge. I've heard so many great stories about kids clothes at consignment shops. I look forward to it. ;)

  5. I too need a shower immediately after the beach!

  6. @ Sara: Too much sand everywhere! lol


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