Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Facts about me (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

This post is for all of my readers. (I think my newest readers will especially appreciate it.) I've seen this posted around and I thought it looked like fun:)

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Here's the first 25!

1. I have been with my hubby working on six years (October 19), and married three years (August 15). John is my best friend and he gets me better than I do myself sometimes.

2. My favorite past time is reading. There is nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy day or any day really. ;)

3. I don’t have any children. I have a black lab mixed with chow, her name is Sophie. For now she is my baby.

4. I love bright happy colors, but also love earth tones.

5. I love to cook and bake (even more!)

6. My favorite cookbooks are Gooseberry Patch.

7. I love cute shoes, but have bad feet---so it’s hard to find shoes that work for me.

8. I’m a coffee addict. If nothing else puts a smile on my face that can.

9. I’m not a morning person. I’m working on it…but it’s not my time.

10. I’m the oldest of four girls.

11. When I was in third grade I wanted to be an archaeologist. I still think that would be pretty amazing!

12. I’m not much of a gamer, but I loved super Nintendo: Zelda Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, etc.

13. My birthday is in July, all of my sisters were born in September.

14. I’m not a big Shakespeare fan…but I love A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

15. I’m a Christian. This seems to mean different things to different people. For me it means trusting God for everything. It means doing what is right even when it means sacrificing what my selfish nature might desire. It means allowing God to judge others and learning how not to do that myself.

16. I’m a child of divorce. My husband is a child of divorce. Divorce has had a great impact on my life.

17. My husband and I hope to beat the odds and be one of those happy old couples. ;)

18. I started writing in second grade. I really enjoy it and want to start getting back into my creative writing again.

19. I want to travel---my top pick, Ireland.

20. I love The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

21. I love Italian food. My favorite restaurant is Johnny Carinos.

22. If I’m not out in public, I’m wearing pj bottoms.

23. I love Peanuts. My hubby and I dressed up as Linus and Sally last Halloween.

24. I want to make lemonade from scratch this year.

25. The best present I’ve ever received was from my hubby and mother-in-law, they made me a beautiful blanket with pretty pink flowers. I still use it to this day and I’ve told John that he’ll never be able to top it. He hasn’t, even with my beautiful rings. It still didn’t bring the tears that the blanket did. I cried a lot for both though. ;)

Until next time, <3 Anna


  1. Following back from Yorkies By April, thanks for visiting!!

  2. It is so fun to read all these facts! I have bad feet too and cute shoes are usually not even an option. Oh well:)

  3. It was interesting to read all these things about you, Anna. My right foot is bad, which means that I can't wear the heels I like any more. Oh well, never mind :( I think it's great that you adore that blanket so much!

  4. I'm also a child of divorce. It has a huge impact that people don't even realize sometimes.

    Yay for fellow writers! I began writing then, too!

    Thanks for sharing your facts! I hope you'll participate the next few times I plan to have the Linky up!

  5. thanks for the follow! i'm following you back.

  6. Thanks for the follow! I love your blog and post about the 100 facts about me. I plan to check out meganwrites and possibly do it myself. Thanks for checking out! I look forward to reading your future posts. Have a great day!

  7. I am also a huge coffee addict! I didn't used to be, but living in Sweden changed that, lol. They even have a Swedish verb which means "to take a coffee break!"

  8. @ April: Thanks! :)

    @ Debbie: You get used to it after awhile and you can still ogle pretty shoes. ;)

    @ This is me: Thanks for the comment. I completely understand.

  9. @ Megan: It's cool that we have writing in common. I plan to! :)

    @ Jamie's Precious Peas: Thanks! :)

    @ Stacey: Thanks! :)

    @ Kimberly in Seattle: Coffee is the best! I didn't know about the Swedish verb, cool!

  10. I totally live in pj bottoms too! Looking forward to the next 25!

  11. Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving a comment! I love stopping back and visiting my visitors! I'm your newest GFC follower, too!

    Coffee saves my life daily, too! I like your list and I can related to many but most importantly #16. I never wanted to get married because of what I grew up with because of selfish parents. Hubby grew up in similiar surroundings.
    Well my dh and I have been married for 18 years and 3 beautiful girls. Without them, I would be lost! So I say a prayer of thanks all the time.
    Stop on over for the Friendly Wednesday or the U Follow Me Follow U Friday link ups!

  12. @ Sara: Thanks for the comment. Just posted the next set;)

    @ SusieQTpies: Thanks for the comment. I love hearing about strong marriages. It is a great encouragement to me to see that it can be done. I'll definitely be heading over to your page soon;)

  13. You must go to Ireland. I've been 5 times and it is a beautiful country. I love it!!!

  14. I really hope I get the opportunity...I know I would love it! :)


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