Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One: Follow up

Hey everyone!

So tomorrow will mark one full week of treadmill and Jillian Michael's workouts. I have been very sore but challenged. I like how I can already see a difference in me, and that I'm actually craving water. This is a big deal, because I'm not much of a water drinker and also I have a tendency to get dehydrated easily. So things are going well with the Physical aspect of my goals, I need to implement better eating habits and I should be set on this one.

I finished my first book for my 50 books goal. I'm excited to be reading again and actually enjoying it. I've been experiencing some reading and writing ruts lately. Both are finally getting back in order. I'm still waiting for my papers to be processed for my tutoring patience is wearing ready to start and get out of this house. I'll be tutoring in the evenings, so I'm hoping to start volunteering (possibly with the Humane Society), once I get paid and can afford the getting back and forth. So Mentally, I'm getting my ducks in a row.

I wish I could give the same positive feedback on my Spiritual life. I'm praying and reading, but feeling I'm just scratching the surface and going through the motions. I need to pray about that and see what God has in store for me. I know a deeper connection with Him is more important than all of this other stuff. Please pray with me about this.

Another one of my goals was to spend more time with the people I love. I hope that once everyone gets back into the swing of things, this will get a little more normal. I also hope to meet new people and make new friends, in the new places I will go.

I haven't done so hot with the worrying less and enjoying more part. I've felt increasingly anxious and worried over stupid things. I really need to learn to not analyze so much and read more into things that I haven't actually heard. No more assumptions!

How are your New Years goals/resolutions going? Are you sticking with them? Adjusting them?

<3 Anna

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